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    Can she be written off as a fashion fail or “tries-too-hard” and never appear on HHC again?


    1. Tania at | | Reply

      Aaaand the PC-hater strikes again.

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      Hahaha I am with you. Like her style is very I-Wanna-Look-Edgy-And-Cool and hence it just doesn’t look natural . I’d rather see Katrina in her boring and simple outfits over Pc’s “Oh-M-A-Rockstar” looks.

    4. A at | | Reply

      So says a “princess’ ruchi. Ha ha.

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    Would’ve liked it better without that teeny jacket thing!

  4. Amani at | | Reply

    She could have gone with the outfit as is on the runway. With her body, she would have totally pulled it off.

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    I like the print on the model’s version better. But PC doesn’t look bad in this version either. Are those pants sheer or has a cut out just below the knees..weird. I do like her hairstyle.

  6. blah at | | Reply

    she looks very cool…sort of kick ass

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    Hair and makeup .. perfect!
    Would have loved it either w/o the jacket completely , just the tank and pants .. or with a different kind of jacket .
    It would also have been interesting if she had worn it as on the runway .. w/o the tank.
    She should stick to whoever is styling her these days .. MAJOR improvement from all her previous years combined. There have been a couple of misses here and there ..but it is so great to not see her do trashy day after day after day.

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    I love this casual chic look, Priyanka is looking really young and fresh lately .
    And what a kick-ass attitude in the last pic.

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    I think she is suffering from overexposure. She needs to take a break from these pages…

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    She failed to make an impact. The jacket and the print killed it all.

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