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  1. R at | | Reply

    Up close, I don’t like Prachi’s sandals. I WISH I could caption PCs photos here…!!! But you may not approve that… so I shall refrain! :D

  2. Anu at | | Reply

    oh my god…how pretty does priyanka look? luv the yellow on her…hair and make-up looks nice…and the shoes look so cute…this girl has all the makings for being hot and she’s fullfilled it here!…I think on some days she just leaves the house without consulting her stylist giving rise to all those bland appearances…as for prachi…she’s ok, cute, but reminds me of her forever coy and whiny role as Bani…the nine west shoes are ok…nothing great…

  3. T at | | Reply

    for $60 those sandals are a bargain :)

  4. KK at | | Reply

    How weird is it that the $60 pair of shoes look WAY BETTER than $360 pair?! Hmmm…

  5. vasudea at | | Reply

    the nine west sandals look way better when worn than seen as is….

  6. padma at | | Reply

    My pleasure, infact thanks to the O magazine, saw them there first.

    @KK I agree, the $60 ones look a lot better than the other pair. Way more stylish, atleast for me.

  7. preeths at | | Reply

    sturat weitzman is one of my favourite shoe designer. i just love their stilettos. always look fabulous with business attire and they come in such delish colors. Havent hardly seen anyone in bollywood wearing stuart weitzman

  8. Sharin at | | Reply

    Are these PC’s new fave shoes? Am pretty sure she’s worn them at least twice before and very recently.

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