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  1. grozny at | | Reply

    Both these girls just do not have the thighs to carry off something so short. Especially in a fabric like this.

    1. grozny at | | Reply

      I must say though, that Priyanka looks very good facially, and her hair is the best i have seen it.

  2. dee at | | Reply

    FAIL..for both. The dress looks cheap. It sort of looks like what a college freshmen would wear on a night out..you know kind of like, “i’m out of my house for the first time, so i’m gonna wear something tight and short!” kinda thing…very amateur.

    1. Stuti at | | Reply

      I am a college freshman, and I can assure you, I have never worn that! :P

      1. spongy at | | Reply

        that makes two of us..

        1. analovve at | | Reply

          not every short and tight thing is amateur.
          Having said that m not too bought on this dress.

  3. PRADAgirl at | | Reply

    ravee’s hair i a let down, i love it on priyanka she’s gorgeously stunning :))0

  4. shreya g at | | Reply

    this is a hideous dress

  5. SS at | | Reply

    I dont like Ravee’s legs..which is the only reason why I prefer Priyanka..but otherwise I like the white dress a little more

  6. neetu singh at | | Reply

    shudnt this dress be paired with tights??

    oh aND I Love piggy’s shoes..

  7. nalini at | | Reply

    i love the blue version. the color is so nice!

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