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  1. Neelu at | | Reply

    Like the dress!! But she needs to change the hair and lip color according to the attire. Would like to see her braid the hair once in a while.

    1. GG at | | Reply


  2. $ at | | Reply

    Much prefer her this look…i really dont like her “wanna be rockstar” looks..this one worked for me ..even hair look good to me..nice to see a siple abu sandeep creation..

  3. Slc at | | Reply

    She looks nice. It’s a cute, casual outfit. Would have loved to see a choti… But oh well

  4. dn at | | Reply

    Love the suit. Hair is a very wig-like, but she looks great nonetheless.

  5. AYESHAA at | | Reply

    She’s doing a lot of promotions in LA currently so maybe she didn’t have the time to style hair differently ! I really like this simple look on her !

  6. Lola at | | Reply

    I am not a fan of Priyanka and I am starting to get a vibe that you seem to find one fault or more with Priyanka’s style…this time, parting her hair, seriously? There is nothing wrong with this presentation and she looks good.

    1. R at | | Reply

      +100 !
      I feel the same…if deepika sonam showed up in this outfit eight his styling, they’d be going gaga over them.
      Anyways…I think she’s very appropriately dressed and looks beautiful .

      1. Al at | | Reply

        I totally agree.. I think she looks really nice… simple and elegant

  7. enne at | | Reply

    so part of the reason we like to see celebs in their fashion is to feel somewhat envious of what they have access to, with designers, teams for hair and makeup, another chick to accessorize. shoes, jewelry, etc.. That’s just not happening for me with this look and many others esp with the Iftaar party pics & even jewelry week. I feel like no one really has their own style, and they’re not making an effort. Sonam is annoying to me, however she does take it all the way fashion wise. That’s what we want to see, but a little bit on everybody. If they’re just going to wear a simple chikan suit like I do, then I don’t need to obsess over that on this blog. I still want to see Priyanka really take it there on a pop star rock chick level. …….waiting….

    1. Supriya at | | Reply

      I completely disagree… While its great for them to be dressed up in designed inaccessible-to-common-man attire on red carpets and glamorous events, I really find it good that some of them know to keep it simple at times and not make every event about themselves or their fashion.

      Fashion is not just about decking up in high $$ designer labels.. Its also about being event appropriate, and dressing in something you can pull off based on your personality or even mood at times…
      Attempting rockstar (to various degrees of success) at pubs and going downplayed desi at an event about your country – I like.
      People who just can’t help themselves from playing dress-up, trying too hard to comical results – Major dislike !

      I think she looks lovely here.

  8. KJ at | | Reply

    I like this look. So much better than the star trek monstrosity.

  9. Lynn at | | Reply

    I really like the look! The color goes well with her skin tone and the the lip color just brings it all together! Elegant for the occasion! And i just don’t get the dislike towards open hair! her hair is beautiful so she might as well flaunt it!

  10. judgevik at | | Reply

    Pehaps the hair has to do with her Mary Kom biopic. Didn’t May Kom have similar straigtish hair?

  11. sonia at | | Reply

    nevertheless, she looks good!

  12. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Ya hair aside, I think she looks lovely. The color is great on her.

  13. Cheeky Thing at | | Reply

    Like her … her personality shines through… wait a minutedid not require Glares for thsi one !! … isnt this abu sandeep .. what happened ..!! did they not get enuf time to finish the outfit …!!

  14. neha at | | Reply

    she looks pretty

  15. Ahot at | | Reply

    I love the simplicity of the look, very appropriate for the occasion. The hair let the suit speak for itself, as it´s ornate enough. Well done PC.

  16. Anon at | | Reply

    No – I think she looks perfect given the event. And I really like the simpler look on her.

  17. apsara77 at | | Reply

    I think she looks good, with the hair and all. This must be the least blinged out Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla worn by a Bollywood celeb in recent history! She looks lovely in the suit!

  18. hasan at | | Reply

    this look is perfect from head to toe. She looks gorgeous.

  19. Gayatri at | | Reply

    It’s the simplicity of the look that shines through this appearance. The color and cut of the suit is so understated yet beautiful.

  20. Roni at | | Reply

    NO !!

    She luks great.

  21. Adara at | | Reply

    Good one!

  22. OrangeJammies at | | Reply

    She looks nice enough, but hardly “simple”. Is this hand-on-heart gesture for the benefit of the Americans? I didn’t realize desis did it.

  23. dreamz at | | Reply

    Her fringe hairstyle is to die for. i love it ;)

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