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    Sloppy indeed but more than that it’s the blonde rat tail the looks bad. She needs to get a better hair colour job.

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    Priyanka looks absolutely fab – ankle up! but the fit of the pants and the hemline is such a deal breaker – makes u wonder if she is a one woman team and she had no help for such a task or anyone else on her team to have some foresight.

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      ^This^. Her team if she has one is such a let down, she needs an ace-team like Sonam or Neha. She has such a great potential!

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        ^This^. Her team if she has one is such a let down, she needs an ace-team like Sonam´s. She has such a great potential!

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          She does have great potential. It’s sad that all her looks come off as either too high school or too trashy. I look forward to the day someone puts her in a carolina herrera gown or an ysl suit. That over processed hair needs to be sorted and that horrible brown lipstick needs to go. I’ll shut up now.

          1. Ahot at |

            Yes, Carolina or Ysl. Wouldn´t that be a dream?
            PC herself said that she is cheap & she doesn´t want to spend money on her wardrobe (understandable given how many people she takes care of). & unless she is willing to shell out the money these designers will not loan her team anything, because she is not on their radar yet. Maybe when she is better known in the US, it will work out.
            lmao@”I’ll shut up now” :p

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    Love her look. Not the pants though !

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    Pants definitely ruined the look. And is it just me or is her new hair color really not working?

  6. Tania at | | Reply

    She looks sophisticated waist up. Those pants are an eyesore.

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    Ugh – these are the fugliest pants I have ever seen. What an eye sore.

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    Lover love love her look neck-up. Perfect hair, make up and accessories. I think this is one of her prettiest looks.

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    No one should be seen in those ghastly pants. She looks great from the midriff upwards.

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    Whtheyyyy pants!

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    How can anyone even step out of the house in such ill fitting pants…its beyond my understanding. It does not matter how pretty the make-up or the look waist up top half is. Its a fail. What was she thinking??

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    The fit of the pants, the sheer panels and the uneven hem are just unbelievable for a celebrity of her status. Either she is economizing on her support staff or she just needs a new team. You would never see a Hollywood star of her status make such a fashion faux pas.

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    The pants are disastrous. Has she got a new stylist, definitely not working !

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    Love the hair and make-up. The pants are so disappointing which are quite cute.

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    Rookie mistake – those pants! Ugh!

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    Waist up she looks nice, minus the blonde rat tail :)

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    Dealbreakers: the pants and that HAIR. I feel like it’s dying slowly, calling out for help…

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