In Pankaj and Nidhi


Priyanka attended the Aaj Tak conclave in Delhi speaking at a session aptly titled Desi Girl. For the appearance, it was an intricate white Pankaj and Nidhi dress featuring orange embroidery.

A gold cuff and nude Louboutins finished out her look. I still haven’t warmed up to the Daffodile pump and doubt I ever will but it doesn’t quite matter here. The dress steals the show.

More pics here.


Priyanka Chopra at Agenda Aaj Tak

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  1. Priyanka looks flawless as usual. Iam on the fence about having very high platform heights in heels.
    On the one hand, for a vertically challenged person like me, it gives the much needed inches. But on the other hand, it makes my foot look like a hoof.

  2. it’s a really basic look, but probably suits the occasion. personally not a fan of these shoes either to wear for comfort or to use as a badge of wealthy style. women who want to show they can spend Really Need to Gain More Knowledge & Diversify to Other “I Have Cash to Drop” High End shoe brands.

  3. She looks flawless. But I dont believe the shoes are Louboutin Daffs. They do not have the distinct red soles, I feel they are either Brian Atwood or some other designer.

  4. Thats a good look. One needs height to pull off such pumps. If you are vertically challenged these pumps only make you look stumpy.


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