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  1. Enne at | | Reply

    super cute dress! but not on her!

  2. Sami at | | Reply

    she looks gorgeous!

  3. kaya at | | Reply

    I actually think this is one of the better dresses seen on he; at least its somewhat different… and we all know thats a relief after a year and a half of body clinging short and well, short-er dresses!

    It’s a ‘phew’ for me

    1. preeths at | | Reply


      it still looks body clinging and short to me

      1. kaya at | | Reply

        Not as obviously so; the silhouette is different including the collared detail.. that’s what made for a change in my eyes.

  4. kaya at | | Reply

    *her yaa her (sorry!)

  5. nzgirl at | | Reply

    the hair has been fried to death!!!

  6. suman at | | Reply

    i think she lacks a sense of adventure…never tries anything new…its so sad considering she is so wonderfully pretty and charming

  7. Carol at | | Reply

    Those formal shoes really do not go with that casual dress. Nice dress but as usual blah on PC with her bad hair.

    She has lost her glow and now looks meh in every picture.

  8. monika at | | Reply

    When will she move away from her skimpy dresses

  9. fashion outsider at | | Reply

    Her hair looks fried!
    And enough with the mini dresses already!
    PC sure has made a remarkable transformation but she is still not confident enough to experiment. She has found a look that works for her and stuck to it…like glue.

    1. Priyanka at | | Reply

      i agree

    2. preeths at | | Reply

      yr right!!!

      in fact even her hair extensions look like they have been glued :O

  10. jas at | | Reply

    I like the outfit but the hair should have been better!!

  11. Kimmy at | | Reply

    I actually think the dress looks a little better on her b/c it just looks better fitted. But her hair…my goodness this girl is right up there with Britney Spears in the Queens of Weave Disasters category! what kind of mess is that?!

  12. Cupcake at | | Reply

    Save the hair, she looks good. I like the dress..it does suit her.

  13. pdaervo at | | Reply

    how hard is it to have at least DECENT hair, her’s is always horrible
    she needs to find a new hairstylist- fast

  14. akaa at | | Reply

    She needs to take EXTRA EXTRA CARE of her hair PRONTO…
    I can’t look beyond that mess now… !!
    Everything about her is just ruined because of that hair.. she messed it up big time… I used to SO love them earlier!

  15. Shilpa at | | Reply

    The dress is so cute, but the shoes and hair really bring it down. Her extensions really arent doing a great job of lengthening her bob!

  16. fopa at | | Reply

    those are her fav pumps she has had em for years!! seriosly!
    i haaate the hair! pleaseeeee piggy chops! change it!

  17. Sabina at | | Reply

    the silver shoes are from Charles and Keith….

  18. Blinky at | | Reply

    Oh no not again! She killed it with this one..

  19. ShoeAddict at | | Reply

    She needs some hair spa treatment BADLY!! Her hair looks burnt!! Not a big fan of the dress, hate the colour!!

  20. desigirl at | | Reply

    yea.. her hair gets worse and worse.
    there’s only so much you can do when ur hair is cut bad.

  21. desigirl at | | Reply

    saw kaminey last night… and it was awesome.
    she was great in it too.

  22. Tongue in Chic at | | Reply

    Ok this hair situation needs to be addressed. What is going on with the woman’s mane lately?

  23. s at | | Reply

    this is what happens wen u try to do ur hair on ur own….

  24. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

    Love the color of the dress.. and the heels are awesome..
    somebody please tell me where i can get them! …
    PC looks like a model from the 1980’s with that hair… and god help her for managing to look like a bobble head even when seated!!!

    1. Sabina at | | Reply

      the shoes are from Charles and Keith

      1. miray at | | Reply

        and I ve seen the same on Amrita Rao too..

  25. Monkey at | | Reply

    I don’t think she looks that bad. Her hair looks dry, but otherwise she does look alright.

  26. beans at | | Reply

    the dress looks great – yes…

    if it weren’t for her body, there is just nothing noteworthy about Priyanka – not her skin, features or hair… she looks too plain (and mind you, that is INSPITE of the fact that she has access to the best cosmetics, makeup artists, etc.)

  27. tusk at | | Reply

    I love this dress! very cute

  28. Sharms at | | Reply

    The poor girl can’t win with you guys.

    1. pdaervo at | | Reply

      Oh my goodness, I can’t stand this. NO BIASES. Unless a person is SUPER AWESOME (like GOD…or Sonam :P ) I know for sure that most of the commenters approach these posts very clinically. Well, I do for sure. If she wants to “win” with us, she’ll have to turn out better next time.

  29. Antonia at | | Reply

    To me the dress just looks ok here. I can’t focus on the dress properly because I’m too distracted by her horrible shoes. They are so so ugly. I’m sure the dress woukd look amazing with the right accessories.

  30. Nelly at | | Reply

    To me she always ends up looking very ordinary which is sad really.she has access to all these designers and labels and yet most of the time they don’t do anything for her. Maybe she needs to change her stylist or hire one if she doesn’t have one yet!

  31. Belle at | | Reply

    I’m a hair person, and if your hair doesn’t look healthy, then it’s a no from me. The dress and shoes etc come later on for me.

    But it’s good to know celebrities, with hairstylists at their beck and call can have bad hair days too! :D
    wow that sounded evil. lol

  32. Preetha at | | Reply

    This dress wud have looked awesome on Deepika, PC lookin blah

  33. Priyanka Chopra at | | Reply

    You look amazing in this pink dress.

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