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  1. shwetha at | | Reply

    Ewww…looks like Ms Batra’s blast from the past inspired her, and NOT in a good way

    And while at it can she please retire those white shoes that are an eye sore. I think they come a super close second to Shoulder pads in the fashion ban em index..

  2. $ at | | Reply

    Thumbs up for the look but her lip color is not proper..

  3. mina at | | Reply

    I usually like Priyanka’s style but shoes don’t go. They look cheap.

  4. Paroma at | | Reply

    I love the dress and her makeup but am finding the shoes a bit much

  5. olala at | | Reply

    The shoes photograph funny. They look like she is wearing sparkly socks with white pumps. I am sure she is not. :-)

    1. olala at | | Reply

      Oh my! Just saw the link to the shoes. They are not nice.

      She looks smashing though. If anyone could wear those shoes, it would be her. With that dress.

  6. Violet at | | Reply

    While she looks great (love the make-up) I just can’t get myself to like the shoes.

  7. Desimom at | | Reply

    Not liking the shoes at all….
    That lip color making it look like she got stung by bees near the lips..

  8. chennaidiva at | | Reply

    is that a wig? her hair sure grew out very quickly…do not like the sparkly socks…she looks nice otherwise..not fantastic just nice IMO

  9. rashmi at | | Reply


  10. roni at | | Reply

    whats with the sparkly socks with pumps?? some new trend that I missed?

  11. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    The shoes make the look gimmicky!

  12. shereen at | | Reply

    A big no to the sparkly socks and tacky white shoes. Otherwise, she looks nice.

  13. naughtytrini at | | Reply

    Well there is first time for everything, totally tacky, hate this look, the makeup, nothing looks good

  14. from-chitown at | | Reply

    She looks great – and carries off the socks and shoes combo with elan.

  15. Amodini at | | Reply

    Smashing is right! Serious rock-chic!

  16. Anu Sandhu at | | Reply

    Her shoe game is the best in Bollywood.. ????????

  17. Tania at | | Reply

    She looks sexyyy !
    On another note, you guys need to change your photographer. These are the least flattering photos of her I have seen anywhere, of this event.

    1. Payal at | | Reply

      These pics were taken by the HT photographer and they released just a few from the event.

  18. hasan at | | Reply

    smashing hot.

  19. khan at | | Reply


    1. Rocky Mountain at | | Reply

      Oh! I so agree with you… HOT is what is needed in Mumbai’s muggy 49 C/ 120F weather :P

      Way to go Peeeee Ceeee

  20. slc at | | Reply

    Except for the shoes…PC looks fantastic. I love her make-up.

  21. Nancy at | | Reply

    Those socks / pumps.. whatever that is…. not working at all….

  22. fashion-lover at | | Reply


  23. Asha at | | Reply

    Just checked out the Jeffrey Campbell site for the shoes…he has some truly heinous shoes out there!

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