In Young Fabulous & Broke


We all know Ms. Chopra is definitely not broke but she did look young and fabulous in this white jumpsuit at the Rockstar bash.

Loved that she kept it simple pairing the jumpsuit with just a lariat necklace.

Left: Young Fabulous & Broke jumpsuit
Right: Priyanka Chopra at Rockstar Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Full mArks for dressing quite stylishly at the same time keepin her body proportions in mind. we all know pc is shortlegged (though shes not short), this jumpsuit really elongates her legs n shortens her long torso.

  2. I hate to admit that I am really liking PC in this look ! She is looking great !!

    On an aside, I bought a jumpsuit (one with sleeves) recently but after wearing it to once I realised that the basic design of a jumpsuit is not very convinient when *ahem* I had to *clearing my throat again* use the
    *whispers* restroom !

    *regular tone* Is it me ? Or anyone else think so ?

  3. she’s looking SO nice !!! love the fit on the pelvic area ! perfect !!!.. i wonder how they can go strapless and still gravity doesn’t play a role !!! *ugh* what inners do they wear?

  4. Desimom, I don’t own a jumpsuit but have often pondered this very issue :)

    Priyanka looks great here, much better than most of her regular appearances I’d say.

  5. Priyanka gets a lot of grief for wearing short/tight outfits all the time, and recently she has mixed it up…but this is the first look I’ve seen that really work with her body proportions and also looks effortlessly stylish…so kudos to her!

  6. She looks great in this simple and stylish outfit. I like the necklace too. So nice to see her out of those mini skirts and short dresses she seems to like.


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