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    It’s a beautiful colour but the sari is a bit reminiscent of net curtains. Feels too overwhelming.

  3. tigerlily snowblood at | | Reply

    Looking gorgeous

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    i remember sonam in a similar shela sari.. she looked divine.. i dont know if its the harsh camera flash.. but priyanka comes of looking tacky…. i really want to like this look.. but like all her looks.. there is something missing..

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      I think it’s always the white foundation that does her more wrong. this woman cannot look good unless she embraces her complexion.

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      I love love love the saree its vintage looking and so feminine but I really, truly do not like PC’s hair. I want to say behenji again b’s that’s the only thing that comes to mind.
      Its the middle part (on her) i think – that kills it for me.

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    A bit too much for just a screening.. and that too of someone else’s movie :P
    The sari is anyways too tacky… I like the makeup and jewelry though.

  6. Saadia at | | Reply

    very feminine , very nice

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    Super gorgeous saree. It was a delightful change..

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    I think she looks lovely and feminine and the make up is nice too.

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    HORRIBLE she looks..


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    It’s a bit filmy but then she looks okay – reminds me of Sonam Kapoor who had pulled it off brilliantly.

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    I don’t like the saree much… but she looks undeniably gorgeous. The make-up is just right and the color really suits her skin tone!!

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    not feeling this look. She should have been lovely, given all the right elements. Probably because (like all of Pcee’s appearances), she appears to be very reserved and I havent seen her show one genuine expression to make a look ‘complete’. Her expressions if you notice are all the same. (I can feel my inner goddess nod in approval at this enlightenment)

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    i think the saree peticoat makes it look tacky.

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    Not a nice saree at all. The only thing good about it is the colour. Otherwise its like something worn by a tacky vamp for a TV serial… Priyanka’s make-up is nice though :)

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    imho, white and pastels do not suit her…plus the unforgiving camera flash…

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    Pastels don’t work on her complexion. She *thinks* she’s got it covered by the foundation, but as someone else said, it’s about time she gave up.

    Also, this saree is tacky. Net over satin petticoats should be outlawed.

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