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  1. Wot at | | Reply

    She looks fab in anything. Quite clear you ll are not her fans.

    1. PrinessRuchi at | | Reply

      Quite clear you’re a BLIND fan. “Anything” right.

      1. ahot at | | Reply

        Quite clear YOU are a hater, & will always be.
        Because the day you find a way not to make derogative remarks about PC, will never come. :-)

        1. WittyWman at | | Reply

          So true. She doesn’t look like a debutant international singer. She looks so beautiful..more than the Katy Perrys we have here :)… Hope to find her song on radio soon… Thumbs up to her for trying …

          1. mspp at |

            Rubbish song with seriously tacky styling … its quite astounding what a pair of legs and a passable face can do to ur career!

  2. anju at | | Reply

    Dislike the video!Arent the dance steps just too cheesy??!

  3. Preethi at | | Reply

    Bwahaha!! This is a classic example of what an auto-tune mic, Will.I.Am’s computer and a pretty face can achieve in this day and age! She is styled almost exactly like Cheryl Cole. She looks really good though. I still don’t get her fear of light lip colours!

    1. AnotherKiraninnyc at | | Reply

      I couldnt hear anything beyond the underlying whine of autotune. The video is ummmm…. seriously dated, as is the styling.

      As for the songwriting, it is disney 101 (the sexiness is too camp to be really sexy, safe lyrics, safe everything). Not edgy or fresh.

      In the video she even looks like a disney star, freshfaced, pretty, safe and boring. She can do better, much much better. Stylists and songwriters, shake up this pretty girl.

  4. BlahBum at | | Reply

    She looks hideous in that second outfit in pink.. What a joke!!! Want to say mean things at the song.. But p&p will moderate it.. Will shut up!!!

    1. PrinessRuchi at | | Reply


    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I agree. The pink shorts and shirt with gold corset – so cheap. I hope she shouldl stick to her day job. The voice and accent makes me think that the song has gone through a “voice-photoshop” of sorts.

  5. Ksmommy at | | Reply

    OMG! what an obnoxious vdo! My 6yr old SRK & Salman Khan comments; ‘what is she singing? why is she singing in English? why is she doing such a bad dance mamma?!’ I completely agree with her!

    1. Ksmommy at | | Reply

      I meant my 6yr old who is a SRK & Salman Khan fan …

      1. Ksmommy at | | Reply

        reminds me of JLo vdos – wish the choreography was better…

  6. Bigpuffyclouds at | | Reply

    She should stick to her day job. What a mediocre song!

  7. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    Annnnnd the tackfest continues!

  8. Sweta at | | Reply

    She is sizzling hot … oh mine!! Love her make-up … and her body-language

  9. enne at | | Reply

    Total, complete let down. Fashion & video & hair.

  10. sonam at | | Reply

    Bad choreography ! badly done video
    I cant even recognise her husky voice.. its been modulated so much .. may be a wrong forum to comment about .. but just could not stop myself

  11. bhelpuri at | | Reply

    i knew for a fact she was gonna overkill with skin tight clothing. n surprise surprise skinny pleather pants, shorts, ginormous cinche belts!

  12. Rezia at | | Reply

    This is the worst. Seriously. The makeup makes her look really old, and the clothes are dreadful. I know it’s a music video but still…the 90s called they want their styling back. Yuuuuck.

    Also the dance moves are kind creepy. What is with that part where she kinda looks like she’s broken her leg and is lifting it at the knee? I think it’s around 2:53.

    Just all around fail. I’ve seen PC look so much better.

    1. PC at | | Reply

      +1. This screams 90s!!!

  13. Naina at | | Reply

    I thought that outfit was still much better than the pink crap she wore. That was a disaster. This was at least clean and had some edge.

  14. veenu at | | Reply

    the song is catchy. However, the dance moves and the styling is so bad… why did she have to do such a bad job of this??

  15. Oslo at | | Reply

    I think she looks good. Great figure and talents! The outfits were prob destined to show off her slim waist and long legs….

    On an aside, wasn’t this song released many months ago with New York as backdrop. There was a huge backlash about that. So maybe they re-released this video with Indian dancers and some Indian steps. U can tell they are superimposed on the choreography…..

  16. MH at | | Reply

    This is just BAD all kinds of bad. That pink outfit is awful and that tiny dance break outfit..oh god…the pelvic thrusts…cringe cringe cringe. SO incredibly tacky.

  17. Tanu at | | Reply

    Really bad video !

  18. SushiQ at | | Reply

    OMG! Everything about this is tacky, the clothes, the singing, the dancing. The video reminds me of a bad Baba Sehgal one from the 90’s.

    1. Hotmama at | | Reply


    2. Fabulous at | | Reply

      +1 Totally agree

  19. Angie at | | Reply

    i don’t think i ever want to go to ‘her city’ after this

    1. Fabulous at | | Reply

      Haha..this cracked me up

  20. Devika at | | Reply

    When sister croppeth an already cropped t-shirt you now she is in trouble! -_-

  21. Dee at | | Reply

    I applaud her for trying and I can appreciate that she’s made it this far BUT I couldn’t even finish the video… I was cringing with second-hand embarrassment…It’s just so bad – on so many levels. Who styled her?

  22. SLC at | | Reply

    While I am not a fan of her music, she looks really hot. There is no denying she has a great body. Suspenders under the t-shirt ….kinda sexy….I like.

  23. bong babe at | | Reply

    aaaaw, if only kangana was in this video instead of PC…

  24. Nick at | | Reply

    I thought that was the best outfit of the 3 (?) featured in the song. Apart from the car in the alley backdrop (where the pic is from) I thought other backdrops were very lame. As far as her singing goes, I think she has a great voice especially after hearing her sing a few times on the spot on tv shows. The song itself is a bit drab; the hook of the song is catchy and it has will.i am ..that’s all I can say about it. She probably sings a lot better than other current actresses and even if she wasn’t famous already I would notice her because she has a certain look about her and she doesn’t look too bad.

    1. SLC at | | Reply


  25. Hasan at | | Reply

    The video is great and catchy keeping it mind its her debut single. People hate her for no logical reason.. Sad..

  26. lolo at | | Reply

    Just plain bad

  27. Natasha at | | Reply

    super tacky everything! this video should just go hang with kim k’s song lol its so lame!

  28. Trupti at | | Reply

    Girlfriend can sing! Though the pelvic thrusts took tacky to a whole another level, she looked good in *some* outfits. Love her body!

  29. Pamela at | | Reply

    Good for her!

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