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Braving the cold, Ms. Chopra wore a Manish Malhotra sheer sari. We wish Priyanka would try softer, fresher lip colors every once in a while but that and our personal taste (not big fans of the blouse) aside, the actress looked lovely.

P.S: She was styled by Ami Patel.

Priyanka Chopra At ‘Don – The King Is Back’ Premiere at 62nd Berlin International Film Festival

Photo Credit: Daylife


  1. P&P, thanks for pointing out there IS a blouse out there! Extremely disappointed with the look but then its Priyanka Chopra..she can be styled by anyone, looks still remain mediocre..whats going on with her looks really high off the ground…as for her braving the cold, that remains Ms. Chopra’s forte…she would brave any amount of extreme weather to look “sexy” #TrueStory!

      • Most actresses would and do brave extreme weather to look sexy. It’s part of their appeal to look impossibly beautiful and what better way to do that then to wear heels doing simple mundane tasks (like Hollywood celebrities) or wear sheer sari’s like Bollywood celebs in cold weather! :) Ting!

  2. You’re joking, surely? The sari, blousa and accompanying bling are all oh-so tacky, the hair is obviously fake and her newly pale skin tone is just sad.

    This is a WHTEYYYYY!

  3. The makeup is ghastly. I am not going to hate too much, but she needs to embrace her natural skin tone and play it up. Also, the way her petticoat/underskirt is hiked up is all sorts of awkward.

  4. This makes me sad what the Indian sari is paraded as. The bra blouse ..the ‘lesser’ said the better. Oh so tacky. You dont have pics here, but agree with the underskirt comment.

  5. i hope PC gets to read this: wear wot u want dear, but pls dont try to impress everyone in d west (or evn in India for that matter) by painting urself WHITE! they already hv enough of white themslves to take notice! tk a cue from Freida Pinto, how she looks gorgeous in her original skin tone, and is apppreciated in the West for that!
    doing this, sends a wrong message to all young fans, that being brown is something to be hidden and needs to be whitewahsed asap :(

    • I don’t think ‘celebs’ have to behave a certain way because they ‘owe’ their fans anything, but this is ridiculous.
      I also wonder what it says about our society when a former Miss World is so insecure in her own skin that she literally paints on the spackle. Oh well, it’s a pointless battle at this point.

  6. she doesn’t need a stylist for this!! THIS is what she wore before she got a stylist!!!!

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!!!!

  7. Not feeling it. My opinion on these types of saree & blouse combos is analogous to the saying about showing legs or cleavage – do one at a time, not both together. I don’t mind sheer saris, but I think it’s better to pair them with a more conservative blouse (longer and w/ some sleeve). Agree with you about the lip colour, she should try some pinks!

    • what’s up with the white washed face (/body), she used to look nice in her dusky skin before.
      Hate that so called blouse (can it really be called a blouse?, whoever started this trend……..omg)
      Also the saree needed someother kind of styling.
      Right now the look is very boring.

  8. Sorry but I HAVE to wonder now – are you paid by Priyanka and Sonam’s publicists to gush over them?
    Because, just like that, you’ve done an about-turn in your reviews on Priyanka’s clothes recently.

  9. She always looks angelic in white but this appearance is a downer! I had high expectations after the press conference as she had an amazing style run lately! But after she tweeted that she will wear a sari, I knew it would’ve been a MM (nothing spectacular). Along with that tweet, she stated that she will wear a gown to the Grammy’s tomorrow! That, I’m really looking forward too! I have very high expectations! Very, very high expectations. Hopefully she wont let us down! Fingers crossed!

  10. Why must she always wear bra-like blouses? :( If you have to show so much skin, why not choose another outfit altogether and stop the drama of dressing up “traditionally” ???
    Tacky to the core

  11. This look is inappropriate for an international event. The gown was waay better. Could you pls pan to the left and post a pic of Farhan? Is he wearing checked pants?!

  12. AS tacky as this looks, I must say I prefer this tackiness to sabya’s boring, boring, boring same old. I want him to bring back his creative juices to the variety he used to put before the actresses all decided to wear sabya uniforms. Sabya, if you’re reading this, bring back your old creative designs and ditch the current factoryshop of horrors.

  13. Is that PC! Really!!!Has she used some sort of a body paint, she’s whitewashed herself beyond recognition! Its simply sad, she doesn’t even look like herself- why can’t she be comfortable in her own skin – reminds me of Michael Jackson –

  14. Agreee
    there isnt one thing i love about her look. her hair, her lame MMs, the jewelry,makeup, absolutely NOTHING!!!

    the only time i appreciated her was in Fashion. i dont remember praising her afterward…

  15. Of all the sheer sarees, this is the one she picked? MEH.
    Also, how many kilos of make-up is required to make gorgeous brown skin look like this horrible caked-on shade of white?!

  16. horrible to the core with that bra like blouse..wasn’t she freezing in that sheer sari?lets not even talk about her make up, hair & under skirt..trying to out shine others turned out to be disastrous i see farhan in ‘pj pants’ in the 1st pic?oh looooooooord!

  17. Hideous. Passing lingerie off as a blouse with a beautiful garment like the saree (not necessarily this saree) is a travesty. Shame on you MM, PC and Ami Patel.

  18. Even bikini/swimsuit tops provide more coverage that what Ms. chopra is wearing here. If all you want is a skin show, just wear a micro mini or something & be done with it. Why ruin a saree, any saree, with that travesty of a blouse & underskirt.
    Please spare us your representation of Indian culture by dressing up so tackily. It is not elegant & definitely not sexy. Ughh!

  19. I think she looks great. An understated sari at a Europen festival is what you need. I love the giant cocktail ring. I thought she looked breath taking.

  20. While I am glad she wore a sari, it looks like she has picked the worst Manish sari of the lot. She could have worn a better sari and worn some nicer bling. Her eyes look good but that lippie is too too heavy. Horrible blouse (or shall I call it a bra?), horrible sari.


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