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  1. merrykissmahass at | | Reply

    what a refreshing change from PC! for a change she’s not a wearing a body-hugging mini! the color, the length, the make-up are all perfect. But what really works the look is the hairstyle- what a nice change!

    1. Asha at | | Reply

      Ditto. She looks lovely!

  2. mukul at | | Reply

    OMG!!!!! she is looking soooooooooo gorgeous :-)

  3. dn at | | Reply

    Wow! Hope she continues to wear clothes that are not teeny weeny and have awful fake hairstyles. This appearance is just perfect.

  4. sp at | | Reply

    Good Job Priyanka … now thats how its done!!! :-)

  5. xHarmx at | | Reply

    Like the outfit, but the hair kills it.

  6. diva at | | Reply

    So glad she has finally realized the merits of knee-length! It is so much more mature and sophisticated.

  7. Kara at | | Reply

    Good hair ( take note Bipasha!), good make up (take note many Bollywood girls!), nice dress ( attention, Mallaika Arora! there are dresses that actually get down – almost – to the knee!). I like her!

  8. slc at | | Reply

    Just adding a few inches to lengthen the dress makes her look so classy….love this look. I think our comments are being noted!

  9. radhika at | | Reply

    finally a fab that pc is so capable of!

  10. Kin at | | Reply

    Agreed the extra length to the dress was all it took to move her from ”trying too hard” to ”utterly chic!”

  11. aisha at | | Reply

    its not surprising what a change in hairstyle and dress lenghts can do for you and thank goodness she doesnt have chunky heel and OTT makeup colors..this is how an actress should look like when promoting movies.dont care for in character looks:) i love it

  12. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    she looks fabulous! everything is perfect!

  13. Mikhaeil at | | Reply

    Im lovin it,this is so simple bt works like anything,m lovin her mature sexiness,strong,powerful,achiever sexy…..hope she changes it up a notch next time,then we’re talking…….

  14. pop at | | Reply

    Pretty….safe…. Boring!

  15. roamee at | | Reply

    Love her watch, any idea which brand it might be?

  16. GoldFish at | | Reply

    did u c her knees.. still d same….unfinished as always

  17. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    she looks so good and what a relief to see a different hairdo… extra marks there

  18. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    The dress looks deep pink in one shot and salmon in the other. i like the salmon shade better.
    She does look nice but I hate the way she always wears body makeup. Its so insecure and it makes her knees look grey.

    1. HHC Fan at | | Reply

      Let’s not put the entire blame for insecurity on her….we know how most women feel about their dark skin tone in South Asia. They live in a society where fairer is better!

  19. Iris at | | Reply

    what’s surprising is how a longer dress length actually makes her legs look longer

  20. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Its a boring look but for PC’s std its a huge change. The dress is not tight and almost almost reaches her knees ! Next, she needs to work on the sleeves.
    And for the first time in ages, hair an make up are spot on.

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