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  1. Asha at | | Reply

    Nice jammies yo!

    1. Rocky Mountain at | | Reply

      ALL Bollywood needs is an UGLY pout with those cheap “donated” clothing… anything can be called “runway”. Tacky, downmarket… utterly pedestrian

      I fully agree with Asha….

  2. SMM at | | Reply

    i used to have a night suit like this when I was a kid. Minus the jacket off course

  3. Tania at | | Reply

    This is not very party-ish but I like the casual vibes of this look.
    Btw why are you guys not covering all of her appearances? She has been making many due to DDD upcoming release but I see only a few here.
    Please feature her Dior appearance for a show’s taping.

  4. Tania at | | Reply

    And Since this was a joint bash hosted by Kangana and Priyanka, I would have loved to see pics here of both hotties here.

  5. hasan at | | Reply

    This is really cool look.
    I am really missing many of her promotional look post.

  6. khan at | | Reply

    What a nice and cool outfit.

  7. Rehaan at | | Reply

    It looks like something people wear in hospitals. Not liking it

  8. slc at | | Reply

    Love…looks comfy.

  9. Kapil at | | Reply

    this really looks comfortable

  10. farah at | | Reply

    ‘don’t like it one bit looks like a nurse’s uniform sorry but it’s too casual …
    I mean Kangana ANd Priyanka were hosting a party they should’ve went for a it glamorous look

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