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  1. Ranij at | | Reply

    Oh no. Looks too heavy, solid for a summer evening. Everything about it screams winter. Not loving the lips either. The trailer look is awful

  2. Neeti at | | Reply

    Have to disagree with the first one, LOVE the young fashion awards look! Intense and impactful

  3. Vrinda at | | Reply

    well, yeah maybe not weather specific- apart from that the black dress with purple lips is not a bad look at all. It is simple and effortless. On the other hand…the trailer look looks cheap and actually needed some effort on make up, hair and putting the rest together!

  4. Aishwarya Gawde at | | Reply

    Omg! The purple lips make me cringe!

  5. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks good in the coat dress. The trailer look, her make up ruined it. Even the shoes are not bad overall.

    1. Tania at | | Reply

      I lovee the black look. It’s edgy, fashion forward yet simple. She looks great in that.
      Don’t like the trailer look much.

  6. Slc at | | Reply

    PC looks pretty good in the coat dress. But the trailer launch outfit.

    1. Slc at | | Reply

      ….Was a downer

  7. Ava at | | Reply

    It’s a little upstairs Downton Abbey-ish!

  8. Violet at | | Reply

    Looks matronly somehow.

  9. chennaidiva at | | Reply

    the awards look felt too sombre and matronly to me…

  10. olala at | | Reply

    I think she looks smashing! Apparently she had only 15 minutes to get ready… there is a funny picture on Twitter with her tailor :-)

  11. hasan at | | Reply

    I like her in black dress

  12. an at | | Reply


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