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  1. Rash at | | Reply

    Dislike it from h2t! The color, the hair and the material all makes the look unfortunately cheap!!

  2. sree at | | Reply

    This dress looks like a cheap bargain purchase and she looks dull and bored. This woman has lost her Dostana charm.

  3. Amber at | | Reply

    How ugly are the shoes??? And dress looks tacky. Apart from the colour this look has nothing going for it

  4. Slc at | | Reply

    Dress does not look like a designer piece, but that’s not PC’s fault. I think she has such a fab body she’s making that dress sizzle instead. I am a girl and I think she has a great tush.

  5. Onetightslaponurface at | | Reply

    Truly a diva…….love the design n color
    some women above don’t have it at all to flaunt it

  6. Asha at | | Reply

    Thats not tousled hair….thats just messy!

  7. tina at | | Reply

    Priyanka has a great body but no sense of style at all. The hideous hair, always maroon lipstick, ugly dress and ugly shoes to go with it. There is nothing to salvage here.

    I’m starting to blame her stylist now too.

  8. Zeitgeist at | | Reply

    Why does shepick d same silhoutte again n again..amtired of d same styles of dresses she picks!

  9. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Fugly shoes and the hair…terrible!!!

  10. Beea at | | Reply

    Smoking body !! She looks good but dislike the dress specially that color.

  11. person at | | Reply

    I dont know why but for me she resembles Teresa giudice of Real houswives of somewhere.

    1. radhika at | | Reply

      LOL. ready for her to “flip the table”!

  12. Urvi at | | Reply

    Dont like the hair..

  13. Ms. meow at | | Reply

    Oh boy! I feel the dress is a bit inappropriate for the event. The length is fine, but the fit is just too tight!

  14. Apple1 at | | Reply

    Hmm… Bordering on the edge of looking tacky.. makes me feel uncomfortable just to even look at her!

  15. hasan at | | Reply

    she looks hot and sexy.

  16. Mel at | | Reply

    So…where do I purchase her body?

    Quite like the demure powder blue dress, a change from her usual style.

  17. aman at | | Reply

    um yes hi – the 1990’s called and they want their cheap tacky dress back. thanks – why why why why why o why!! horrible. PC – come on dude.. put that body to better use. Learn a thing or two from Sonam. PLEASE take risks.

    1. aman at | | Reply

      oh yeah and that hair. let’s not even go there. But please take my advice and get yourself some highlights! And enough with the bangs. You’re not 5 anymore. Thanks

  18. Jayshree at | | Reply

    She looks nice enough as per usual, but somehow this looks straight from the 90’s/ very early 2000’s- the flicked to one side hair- the sleeveless ck minimalist dress- the shape of the shoes!

    1. Jayshree at | | Reply

      I mean ck esque dress!

  19. khushboo at | | Reply

    ugh ..that dress doenot suit her at all! n her bust looks strange! but her figure..makes me jealous!

  20. Fergie at | | Reply

    Everything looks wrong.

  21. $ at | | Reply

    Isn’t the fitting at the belly is too much??

  22. Fashionizta at | | Reply

    I want to like this look I mean really like it coz the colour blue is so pleasing but I’ve to pass other than the colour n the tiny French waist nothing works dislike the shoes n big hair

  23. S at | | Reply

    I watched the show and she looked really good but I don’t know why she wears such tight dresses when it was a KID’S show she looked so uncomfortable when she had to dance. If this were in all black she would have looked trashier so I’m glad it was a powder blue that saved her a little bit from looking like a club queen.

  24. Love552fashion at | | Reply

    Wooooooooow..million dollar girl……love it all……..super styling and design

  25. apeksha at | | Reply

    whats wrong with her hand.. some one gave a hickie there !

  26. saumya at | | Reply

    The dress is way too tight!

  27. Lolita at | | Reply

    Aren’t kitten heels really low heels?!

  28. sonal at | | Reply

    waaaaaay too tight dress..

  29. eclat at | | Reply

    That dress is three sizes too small for her.

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