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  1. pdaervo at | | Reply

    so that’s why she looks monotomous
    well, she looks good- and at least she isn’t stuck to Manish Malhotra (Manish Arora- on the other hand, would be awesome)

  2. Swishy Set at | | Reply

    Those are very unoriginal designs

  3. sarika at | | Reply

    and the prize goes to…..NONE! she looks blah in all!

  4. k= at | | Reply

    i hate the dress she wore to the Atlantis the most!

  5. kismet at | | Reply

    totally agree with everyone, none of the outfits are great.

    is it her or the dress i wonder, starting to think she doesn’t have the X factor, so can’t make a plain dress look wow.

    Others like malaika, katrina (to name a few) can

  6. B at | | Reply

    GOD!! why can’t she changes her hairstyle for once!! as if she was born with this!!

  7. rubyoo at | | Reply

    those shoes in the first pic are the ugliest ones I have seen – and I have seen pics of her wearing them a fe times – everytime I see them I want to physically rip off that cheap looking diamonte dangly thing.

    She has a fit body but doesn’t show case it the way she could.

  8. sarah at | | Reply

    I would love to know what lipstick shade she is wearing at the tahaan premier?

  9. preeths at | | Reply

    so totally agree with kismet..
    she lacks the X factor!!!
    Maybe its squashed under her choos

  10. suzan at | | Reply

    she got to change her hairstlye..plzz!!! its soo boring..
    i agree wit rubyoo abt priyanka’s shoes..reaally she has replace those ugly lukin pairs..

  11. Stisha at | | Reply

    Me thinks she is great and btw she was voted the best dressed in Atlantis awards……so way to go Piggy Chops….You have a good designer….The Drona premiere outfit was also a miguel.Btw I seen the same version i the movie FASHION.He has interpreted a french lace design(vintage) in the form of fine embroidery….This guy is good…..I have been following his work and also thanx to you guys I know where he stocks now.

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