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    hmmmm i don’t know..she looks like aishwarya clone.

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    This outfit is so “Manishmalhotra”esque. Too bad his outfits became quite predictable.

    That being said, it is pretty, and Priyanka looks very very beautiful here. She upgrades this outfit.

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    just how tiny is her waist? god.

    ok, my jealous rant ends here.

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    the outfit is lik just another design… nuthing so special abt it…. just that priyanka carried it of well….

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    Love. Love. Love.

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    Love the outfit! Just the right amount of glitter, perfect balance with the small stud earrings. Needless to say she looks absolutely gorgeous!

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    OMG!! This is the best Priyanka has looked in recent times and that includes her movie appearances too. THIS is what this woman is capable of. Confidence, elegance, grace!!

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      Love the hair Ting she luks superb I dont remember seeing her even in movies with this beautiful glow n confidence right makeup right accessories abs Wow The outfit is superb minus the kitchen curtain at the hem. I wouldn’t expect something less than that from MM. He def needs a holiday.

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    She looks stunning.

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    The dress would look much better on a taller person…it is way too boring dress and there is nothing it does for PC or PC does for the dress…simply blah…

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      Priyanka is pretty tall herself – 5’8”. With heels, she tops over 6 feet! If this dress needs someone even taller, it’s made for basically nobody.

      1. Sunray at | | Reply

        Get your facts right Tina especially if you are getting paid to do her PR…

      2. Sassy at | | Reply

        Ya. Priyanka is already very tall. This outfit looks fab on her.

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    manish aap ek kaam kyun nahi karte, yeh dress le lo aur dye it. jo jee mein chahe – basic, natural, tie dye, solid,.. dude u could even try food dyes. kamskum thoda inspired ya creative toh lagega. hai naa??

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    Beautiful she looks..reminds me of the movie fashion..

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    The outfit is the usual pretty thing churned out my MM but priyanka looks gorgeous! Like truly beautiful!

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