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  1. Adriana at | | Reply

    I like how she has kept everything is minimal.The interesting neck line of the dress I suppose draws attention. Though not crazy about those shoes, she has managed to keep it understated.

  2. archana at | | Reply

    she looks good! liking the colour on her….what shoes are they? interesting..

  3. nik at | | Reply

    i like the color but not the dress.. don’t like the shoes..

    she always looks the same facewise.. only her outfits change, its weird

  4. K at | | Reply

    A very predictable choice of dress for Piggy Chops… it’s almost become her signature now.

    But what the hell, she looks fab. Loving the hair, and the shoes!!!!

  5. Blooo at | | Reply

    She looks nice but i dont like the weirds straps or whatever they are somehow and I am defntly not digging the shoes!

  6. Blooo at | | Reply

    Either one of those might have been better.. somehow not both together..

  7. pdaervo at | | Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress, hair and makeup the shoes are ok…but the dress MORE than makes up for them
    p.s. P&P, the caption is wrong ;)

  8. sarah at | | Reply

    Love the color and the dress. Not too fond of the shoes though.

  9. Kanan at | | Reply

    ohoh! Priyanka labeled as Tanisha. :P

  10. sdn at | | Reply

    I’m a bit tired of the same look. Having said that, the dress looks great on her. Love the color. But I beg to differ on the shoes.. they look a bit weird with the pom-pom-ish stuff.

  11. saya at | | Reply

    She is getting plastic-y with that pose, smile.

  12. MithaliP at | | Reply

    Is this another Shantanu Nikhil? Nice dress and color, spoiled by the blingy shoes!

  13. Carol at | | Reply

    Priyanka looks lovely. But I’m bored with her western wear now. Does she ever wear indian clothes offscreen?

  14. anita at | | Reply

    Like the dress minus the shoulder strap.. the one across would have sufficed me thinks. Same with shoes – not liking blingy stuff.. She looks too stiff though. some more fluidity in her poses would be great.

  15. Monika at | | Reply

    She looks good!

  16. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i think that weird pleating in the front should not have existed.. the shoulder straps were enough for the dress..
    the shoes look interesting..

  17. Kashmira at | | Reply

    Nice dress, nice shoes, but they just don’t go well together

  18. k at | | Reply

    very very predictable and boring!!

  19. k at | | Reply

    why would she accessorize with black against a navy blue dress??

  20. Ritu at | | Reply

    OK dress but needs a little bit more shape and only one strap would have done like anita said- but hate her shoes and her clutch

  21. kav at | | Reply

    the dress,hair n make up are fine..but absolutely hate those shoes!

  22. rubywoo at | | Reply

    hate the shoes – tacky – loving the blue dress!

  23. archana at | | Reply

    horrible shoes but the rest is fine

  24. dahlia noir at | | Reply

    Her shoes are sooooo cute !

  25. jeanie at | | Reply

    she looks nice but she’s beginning to bore me– we always see her in those dresses! i want to see her in something fabulous and indian for a change!

  26. SExyDevil at | | Reply

    Like everything except the glittery thing on her shoes.

  27. Manasi at | | Reply

    You could swap any photo of hers from the past 2 years for this one and nobody would notice. The same dress, same hair, same pose. How about experimenting a little, pushing the envelope? Love the shoes though. Very cute!

  28. ariel001 at | | Reply

    shantanu and nikhil?

    priyanka looks fab.love everything on her. from dress to clutch to shoes.

    she has great legs! =D

  29. priya at | | Reply

    the dress has a weird neckline and fall. if it’s supposed 2b asymmetrical, it aint working. and the shoes wud like better if they were stappy. d peep toe dznt cut it.

  30. Raspberry at | | Reply


  31. Belle at | | Reply

    i agree with others…it’s been ages since we’ve seen anything desi on her! i miss that! lol

  32. Bombay Girl at | | Reply

    I’m not sure but something is off and I hate her darned prim and propah hair. The sameeeee always. Get a new loooooook.

  33. the mad momma at | | Reply

    tooooo much happening on the dress …

  34. ariel001 at | | Reply

    the last time i saw her in a sari was @ the chamku music launch.

    btw. priyanka is soo classy. shes simple and i like that. i know you found the zannoti shoes already but WHERE CAN I FIND HER CLUTCH! <it looks like a beautiful baby. lol

  35. girlie girl at | | Reply

    Love everything about her except the shoes…they have got to go…

  36. Ash bach at | | Reply

    Just found out its a Gavin Miguel Dress….It was on Google as well…..please let me know whose shoes are those….I want I want I want both….where do I get this from? HHC please hellllllpppppp….

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