1. in the suneet varma waist coat.. she looks hot.. in the others she is the same ole PC that we have come to know.. i mean the makeup is the same- smoky eyes et al..
    the dress in the 2nd one makes a lot of diff

  2. she obviously knows which angle suits her…yep agree the make up is the same. She is a sexy girl cannot take that away from her, but now needs to up the meter of style further a La Zinta

  3. she had rhinoplasty done to her nose right after her first film, same doc as Shilpa Shetty…and he spoke about it to all the world.

  4. isnt she s’posed to have been a model and a miss india (or therabouts) bet they teach ’em a lotta poses… guess none of the training stuck!

    Anyhoo… how come u ppl didnt show off the utter monstrosity on the inner cover of Vogue India, there r more TV bahus on the backside and they’re even more hideously styled… please show and share, cant wait for ur comments!!!

  5. its not actually the same pose

    they all have different hand poses.

    but overall she looks SMOKING HOT!

    [those bangles look amazing, where can i find them]

  6. did anyone notice wat priyanka said on the cover of cineblitz?? hahahha “kareena was great in Jab We met…after 8 years its high time” LOL did she really say that?? omg i thought they were friends

  7. @hotness. they’re not friends anymore after kareena went on coffee with karan and told the whole world that she would prefer to be colleagues with priyanka and no more than that. priyanka’s been very gracious by not retaliating until now.

  8. haha.. looks like she perhaps suggests this pose to all photographers? haha.. :-)
    she is looking awesome..muah priyanka! :-)

  9. WOW. Priyanka is so my idol.

    Who cares if she does the same pose,even though its not really the same poses on these mags. She still manages to pull them off really good. Those bangles/bracelets look so nice and glitzy. Where can i get them.

    & She’s HAWT> Priyanka’s already ruling 2008.

  10. I don’t know about the black ones on the cineblitz cover but aren’t the bangles in the bottom photo louis vuitton?

  11. Agree with shona that PC has a wierdly proportioned head-body, her upper torso is rather long and so to me she looks very odd with pants on tho she does look nice is gowns


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