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  1. Sweets at | | Reply

    Not a fan of Ms Chopra – but damn she looks smokin’ here!
    Love the sexy tousled hair.

  2. Violet at | | Reply

    Stunning stunning stunning!She probably could’ve worn a tube black lining instead but she looks fabulous. Love the hair and shoes.

  3. whteve at | | Reply

    edgy shoes needed badddd

  4. Tj at | | Reply

    I want to like it.. but I’m unable to. Maybe because of the sleeves or length of dress or heels.. dunno which

  5. hasan at | | Reply


  6. Vysh at | | Reply

    Hair and makeup is nice enough but I think the dress makes her look boxy. Plus the trash bag material is not flattering. Even on the model.

  7. Bluebells at | | Reply

    Damn! That is hotness personified. Love her hairdo to bits and it is complementing her so well. The dress looks loose on the model but PC makes it work like nobody else can. I’m having major girl crush on her right now. :P Though some part of me wishes her shoe choice could have been better. Her figure.. damn!!!!! <3 !
    I also appreciate how she doesn't have that typical "Im-sexy-and-I-know-it" look on her face for a change. Her hot bod is enough for that. :P

  8. khan at | | Reply

    she is looking great.

  9. Slc at | | Reply

    She looks great.

  10. sefora at | | Reply

    Amazing make-up!

  11. Tania at | | Reply

    Not much of a fan of that dress,but her hair and makeup are on point.
    She looks sexy !

  12. sree at | | Reply

    The hair & makeup are completely on point! The dress is just alright though.

  13. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    Love the hair and make-up, but the dress has odd sleeves.

  14. kapil at | | Reply

    Really edgy. Good going girl

  15. nida at | | Reply

    It is clearly working on her. Bad luck for shoes.

  16. payal at | | Reply

    Try hard.

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