1. I am not so wild about the print but the colour looks fab on her and it was a good choice to wear those heels. Did she hire a stylist? If so, the stylist’s choices are suiting PC!

  2. More pressing… she needs to change that makeup, I am SO tired of that lipstick on her. She has gorgeous lips. NO idea why she doesn’t change it up. No idea.

  3. She looks lovely here.. as far as the hair is concerned, I have hardly ever seen Kareena change her hair, but no body ever seems to comment on that. IMO, as long as the hair looks good, it should be fine..

    • I agree with you. As to the comment above about her hair, if you look at PC’s miss universe pictures, you will she that she has a lot of hair, why would she need to wear a wig to add volume. that is ridiculous. I love her hair style, simple/elegant. Small suggestion is to grow up the front bangs so that she does not have to constantly keep them in place. She looks fab.

  4. Hi there, beautiful dress! I’d love to have it in my collection, my skin color is very similar to Priyanka’s. Please let me know where I can get the dress, thanks a lot :)


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