Skirting The Issue


This was a look we didn’t mind up until Ms. Chopra removed the blazer. Minus the blazer, the bare arms and the legs made the look unbalanced and the necklace felt more like an afterthought and very unnecessary.

Catch more pics Here.

Priyanka Chopra at Pearls Wave Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Priyanka is back! and so are her super mini skirts!
    Love her hair here but I seriously wish she’d stop dressing like she’s in her teens.

  2. Gaahh like we barely see her nowdays and when we do..she decided to dress like this! Huge disappointment!
    I love Priyanka but c’mon man..she seems to be so far behind in terms of her dressign sense. I mean look at some of the amazing outfits that other celebs wear nowdays..and then there’s this!
    Now Im quite positive she had a stylist during the Fashion and Dostana days fo’sure!

  3. i somehow dnt like the way she dresses, neither real nor reel life.. she is such a disappointment, with this body she can experiment a lot.. a big no no for me .. and someoen tell her looking sexy and beatifull does not necessarily mean wearing tiny winy clothes…

  4. PC should wear more blazers…it really looks good on her. But the tank with mini is yuck for an event! She is not on vacation on a beach!


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