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  1. naka at | | Reply

    Yeah, it’s super short, but she works it! That color really suits her. The cutout heel peep-toe wedges are really interesting, too. Don’t like her shades:/

  2. Megha at | | Reply

    she looks beautiful! dress is such a dreamy colour

  3. suchi at | | Reply

    looks good on her

  4. tusk at | | Reply

    I like this dress on her! She looks good in this dress.

  5. diptiN at | | Reply

    the dress looks good on her, color length and all. I do not care for the shoes.

  6. beans at | | Reply

    priyanka looks good in it, no doubt (but i wonder how they manage to walk around/sit in these super-short dresses).

    don’t like the peeptoe/slingback wedges with this dress.

  7. preeths at | | Reply

    did she pair this cute dress wit WEDGES o_O

    the only wedges i like are the potato versions .. yumm

  8. preeths at | | Reply

    just saw her closeups in this dress
    omg the caked make-up!!!

  9. Carol at | | Reply

    Did you see the close up pictures? The bad makeup and the green contacts are horrendous. Plus the shoes are fugly and too small. Her toes are hanging over the front of the shoes. Priyanka’s hair looks fried too. Yuck

  10. Bee at | | Reply

    Getting oh so tired of her teeny weeny tiny dresses..bring something else on piggy chops !! we r waiting !

  11. Shi at | | Reply

    The dress looks like a top than a dress. And in the 3rd pic is that a tear in her pantyhose? Is she waering panty hose or her legs are super ashy?

  12. debs at | | Reply

    it’s a good colour on her skin. but it’s do goddamn shoorrttt!! how do they sit or walk or evn get out of the house…that too during the day.

  13. DIMPY at | | Reply

    Can anyone tell me the shades shez wearing. in first pic ………..i kinda liked them……..

  14. Amrita at | | Reply

    fugly shoes!

  15. Anita at | | Reply

    I would have been okay with her outfit if this weren’t for a men’s shirts endorsement- other than the complete ridiculousness of a woman endorsing a mens brand, she was up on stage, making this short dress even more inappropriate. She looks great in short dresses but should save them for cocktail parties and such.

  16. emem at | | Reply

    ugly shoes, leg makeup, tired look, unflattering color, boring silhoutte..

  17. priya at | | Reply

    she can carry off short numbers and this is no exception but her face looks puffy and OMG how much make up is she wearing on her legs?!?!?!?!

  18. Antonia at | | Reply

    She looks cute but those shoes are hideous >_>.

  19. Vanity Girl at | | Reply

    She needs to do something about her hair, maybe just get it rebonded or something…Her hair looks disproportionately bigger than the rest of her body!

  20. Vanity Girl at | | Reply

    oops that was head looks bigger, not hair

  21. Blinky at | | Reply

    Priyanka had this hairstyle some years back and it makes her old. Her hair seems dry and brittle. Even her make-up, contacts and dress do not suit her. Maybe another color and bit longer.

  22. jaja at | | Reply

    and she totally doesn’t need the make-up! but without it she looks like a little girl, which is a good thing, i think; maybe sometimes she wants to look older.

  23. Sona at | | Reply

    Same old awkwardmlooking Priyanka….. she should wear what she feels comfortable in, she doen’t look comfortable in anything she wears.. I think she feels the pressure to wear certain things since Fashion.

  24. bo at | | Reply

    oops you shrunk the dress, please get over the mini phase and move on!

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