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  1. lolita at | | Reply

    Her short mini is a fail because it only draws attention to her badly powdered legs….

    1. KK at | | Reply

      That’s the first thing I noticed, esp. in the first picture.

      1. Ramya at | | Reply

        Bang on! I kept thinking ‘she needs to moisturise those legs’

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      yep agree… its way too short…deperately short..but well, short, sleeveless and tight is her trademark..

  2. naman at | | Reply

    she is looking gorgeous….she maints d decent look following the tag simple yet elegant…

  3. RS at | | Reply

    I am not sure about the makeup because it makes her face look a shade lighter than the rest of her body. She has a rocking figure though. Sigh.

    1. Kumar at | | Reply

      a shade? more like 5x lighter. the knees look ashy too

      1. debbie at | | Reply

        Agree! She always overdoses on foundation…looks tacky!

  4. anou at | | Reply

    she’s looking gorgeous!

  5. LittleBeeb at | | Reply

    the outfit is cool.. wish i had the figure to carry that off.. what ruins it is the make-up.. foundation which is lighter than her natural colour and very obvious body powdering.. where is the need? she has gorgeous skin!! this annoys me! is she ashamed of her natural colouring??

    1. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

      i guess so… body makeup in indian summers is not a joke!

      1. Sharin at | | Reply

        I would agree generally but I wear body makeup because of light scarring that I got a year back from something on my legs…could be something happened to her as well? You never know.

  6. kirti at | | Reply

    terrible make up i must say …….it makes her skin look white …which she is not …sorry to say this but she looks like an apparition of herself!

    1. iamcelebrity at | | Reply

      she’s channeling her inner Katrina Kaif – with the jet black hair, porcelain skin, makeup and all

  7. Smita at | | Reply

    There is so much pressure on Indian women to have light skin even more so with bollywood “actresses”, so I can’t fault her for lightening her skin, but at least get some high quality body makeup and get a professional makeup artist to apply it on you.

    1. rvc at | | Reply

      Bipasha does a great job. And I don’t normally like any of Deepika’s fashion choices but she seems to embrace her dusky skin too. No makeup is ever going to make you look lighter without casting a grey pallor, just like too much bronzer looks muddy.

  8. Anu C at | | Reply

    i would really like to see a high res picture – what is she trying to cover up on those legs – couldn’t be worse than that obvious powder.

  9. Sabah Zaman at | | Reply

    how I wish these actresses would have remained the way they are..then they would have been more beautiful than anybody to me.Priyanka,Deepika and Bipasha all are dusky.But they always lighten themselves up.Pity really…and these women are known as role models and youth icons?? huh!

  10. ami patel at | | Reply

    The dress is by monisha jaisingh.

  11. ariel001 at | | Reply

    Neck up she looks beautiful. Love how her hair looks nowadays. The dress is nothing spectacular. Gold sandals would’ve been prefered instead of those white pumps. But can’t wait to see what she will wear on the IIFA red carpet. Priyanka has very good taste in gowns and my fingers are crossed.

  12. Nidhi at | | Reply

    she has started wearing wigs like ash i guess….probably thats d reason she has started luking better as compared to her previous appearances…

    one msg to her as always ” GIRL STOP WEARING CLOTHES LIKE HIGH SCHOOL GIRL IN US” (slippers are missing :) )…u have gr8 body no doubt v all know that by now :)

    1. Sej at | | Reply

      Agree – such a HS look. I’m the same age as her and wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit (whatever there is of it). So tacky and trying too hard.

  13. Hema at | | Reply

    Don’t know what you all are carping about. She has a great figure and she’s not an old woman. What is this rule that everyone has to dress according to their age; if you have a figure that can carry off these clothes, then more power to you. I think it’s awesome that Indian women are beginning to take care of themselves and are not sitting around eating pakodas and jeelibees. While I don’t think much of that mini, I love that top she’s wearing and despite that unfortunate make up, she looks cute.

  14. Shruti29 at | | Reply

    I don’t quite appreciate her sense of Styling but for this look She passes the test … :)

  15. Ssingh at | | Reply

    How do they walk in these ill-fitted shoes? Her shoes appear to be much bigger for her size. The top is too boring and I am not digging the skirt too :(

  16. shimsham at | | Reply

    I dont like her choices, those minis are done to death. The only time her clothes looked good were in the movie Fashion, nothing before and nothing after.

  17. shilpi at | | Reply


  18. Hemali at | | Reply

    What’s with the shoes?? eeks!

    I read in one of the comments above that the legs are powdered – really are legs also subject to foundation and powder? Didn’t know that.

  19. rina at | | Reply

    I agree. Love the hair and the makeup.. the leg makeup not so much! And is noone noticing those shoes? They look huge for her in the middle pic!

  20. mj15 at | | Reply

    haha, i thoiught i was the first on eto ntice the ghostly/ ghastly grey leg makeup on another site and huriied over to HHC to comment on it only to realize that HHC has a very observant following :-)

    Priyanka looks great cuz she has a really hot and fit body. But come on!! There are clothes in the world beyond 6 inches too short minis. Her choices have gotten tiresome!
    But even more disappointing than the clothes is the fact that she feels the need to lighten her skin. She should embrace her color and flaunt it! Dark girls look so gorgeous when they have features like Priyanka. She is sending out a wrong message to all the young girls out there.

    As a young girl with a “wheatish” complexion (does anyone remember that phrase? lol) and a very fair mother, I was glad to have found a role model who helped me break out of the conventional indian ideas of colors that look good on dark girls, etc. Didn’t mean to sound repetitive- hope she follows HHC and gets her mind right :-)

    Another disappointing observation- PnP, you guys are losing your edge. More and more of the negative commenting seems to be left to the readers while you take the back door approach of “what do you guys think”…time to bring back those fangs and that critical eye…..

    1. sharmilla at | | Reply

      I totally agree. It seems P&P have gotten bored with this blog, that’s why the lackluster writing.

  21. seerat at | | Reply

    I always like her sporty look.
    Not like malaika arora short from top and bottom..and i like short skirts more than deep cleavage tops.

  22. Sabrina at | | Reply

    leg makeup…bahahahhah. what exactly is the purpose of it? i dont know. but she has a really sad sense of what clothes to spend her money on.

  23. Gretal at | | Reply

    her face compensates for her legs

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