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    I am speechless and not in a good way. She takes tacky to a new level. I really want to see if anyone can surpass this and fall down to a lower level of tackiness.

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      Maybe Malaika Arora Khan or Richa Chadda?

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        where is the ‘she cant get any lower’ and ‘vulgar’ coming from.. Never see anyone raising an eyebrow when she wears a bikini. wtf

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          I agree!

          You can look vulgar in a sari and classy in the skimpiest of the outfits. Just coz you can see the undies doesn’t mean she’s vulgar… It’s just undies… get over it, ya prudes… as long as she looks hot and is wearing hot undies, i personally do not care… lol

          1. Neharika at |

            The word vulgar was never used in my comment . Not sure where you got that from?

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      +1. Obnoxious indeed.

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      She is really calling for attention and making the headlines and is quite successful at it. Tacky is in- have you seen the Nicki Minaj collection for Kmart- it is Priyanka all the way- she should just shop NM clothing and save all the money. Hare raaam. Tu kia kar rahi re hai. Aur kiun?

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    Tacky and vulgar, ew! Can she for once not try so hard?!

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    Can you guys start posting other celeb pics, like celina jaitly, at the launch of her gay rights video she was wearing a red valentino dress and inside her video she was wearing an anita dogra lehnga!! can u guys start posting her, she has spotted in many bcbg dress and karen millan and yet u dont post her!!!!

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    Those shoes are amazing!

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    She has such a hot body but she wears the tackiest, most wannabe clothes ever. This is really embarrassing and her stylist should seriously be ashamed. Please fire your stylist PC and hire Tanya Ghavri or even Anaita Shroff.

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    this is fugly…
    loved the shoes though…

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    She was actually looking good after a long tim before you realise the “white” issue. Damn. If I were her I’d fire my stylist first for not realising earlier and then well fire myself? Sad. That’s the difference. We will never see deepika, sonam aish and even katrina do something like this. Right?

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    oooops! a great look spoiled.. Maybe she didn’t realise how the skirt would look with camera flashes or from a distance

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    Her lip color is delicious! Less said about the outfit, the better

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    Oh and why not! Do show your chaddi at will. Zero on the sartorial meter though.

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    I was not able to make out what P&P was referring to till I opened the post. Ghastly!
    What is she trying to achieve here? eew. downright obnoxious look!

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    Well Well Well… Going with PC’s inclination towards skinshow and her wannabe hollywood rockstar attitude, I guess we had it coming. PC with all the money you make atleast buy a mirror for yourself….
    and @Neharika: I havent heard of her songs in India too…dont kow where they are famous..

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      I agree that she looks vulgar in this…
      But at least don’t say that you have not heard her songs in India… She’s a Rock star… And one can not deny this because of some tacky appearance…

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    Oh God, why?

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    Big red flag for the tiny white thing. Look seems to be inspired by Miley cyrus. She should know better.

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    I think she is showing IT on purpose.saw pics from this event on another site and her mom and bro were there as well.Now I don’t buy it that no one noticed the obvious.She is just seeking attention in the wrong way. so cheap

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    Why??? I was thinking she looked so good in the first couple pictures, but then I saw the second row. Maybe shock and awe is the way to sell music?

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    Jesus. PC, Miley looks shitty and idiotic wearing the stuff she does. India does not have that particular subset of the teenage population who’ll think this is ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’. work on your individual style and keep it classy.

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    she def has the bod! i think she looks awesome.

    i want to give her the benefit of doubt, dont think chaddi show was intended…

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    I guess she didn’t saw herself in mirror after get ready. LOL ;)

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    It looks so cheap. Hope this trend ‘show all your inner wear’ doesn’t catchup.

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    Sometimes incidents like these happen. It has happened to other stars as well. I don’t think she was intentionally trying to show it. I understand yes maybe a darker underwear but how many of you actually think, ‘since I’m wearing black I should wear dark underwear in case it’s see through’

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    forget the barely visible panties. Can someone please explain what goes on with her Pageant hair? Its SO dated and boring

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    She has a great body to carry out so many outfits, but sadly she whatever she wears ends up looking tacky or too tight or one size too small. She has hardly ever hit anything out of the ball park. Mostly given us similar looks, and hardly ever wowed. Still waiting for a jaw dropping look from her..sigh..

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    I took me a while to understand what is”the white issue” u guys are talking about.And as soon I realise what it is it,OUCH!! IT HURTS MY HEART, EYES AND BRAIN!!

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    LOVE those shoes. Are they Jimmy Choo? I know there are neon flame Jimmy Choos in the same style, but I haven’t seen them in black.

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    I think everybody is just being overly judgmental and mean here. I don’t think she intended on having her panty shown. It seems like an accident to me. Give the girl a break. These things happen. I love the outfit otherwise though.

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    guys give her a break! we have all had that day where something disastrous has happened! Only thing with us is that cameras are not around to capture every bra or undie peeking out.
    that said- PC – FIRE UR STYLIST NOW!! I know she is ur cousin but that chic has no sense of cool- not every one can be a stylist instagramming some cool pics. U r A list please get a A list stylist

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    Ha ha. This brings to mind a certain Friends episode where Monica is singing at mike’s bar and when the lights come on everything is see through and she’s not wearing a bra. A big hit with the audience. Having said that, I think it was an honest mistake. If she intended it she has the guys, I think, to wear it a la Rihanna.

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      I meant guts!

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        hehe.. yea it did remind of Monika from that Friends episode as well!

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    I can bet a $1000 here..the white through black is done on purpose..certainly not her first ;-)..maybe her new style statement to talk about now that she’s marching on her way to diva-dom..

    1. Priyanka at | | Reply

      +1. I don’t think this was a mistake. She has been in this industry for far too long to make one so evident.
      This was definitely intentional. PC trying hard to be ‘with the trend’. Sigh!

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    It could very well be a genuine mistake for all we know. And it probably wasn’t even visible except from certain angles. She has a great body and carries this outfit really well.

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    Sheer skirts are in right now. Jennifer Lawrence rocked the red carpet in a sheer Dior gown at the Hunger Games premiere. If someone in India had to do the peekaboo trend, I’m glad it’s Priyanka with her rocking bod! That being said, I wish she had chosen a bodysuit (in a color other than white), to layer below the skirt.

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    This is all sorts of wrong… I’m keen to launch a PC wardrobe intervention, but doubt there would be any takers. For someone so accomplished and on the ball, she really struggles to keep it classy.

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    Oh come on. It’s just friggin underwear. I don’t think she realized the camera flashes would make her skirt see thru. But some of you guys are reacting like she should be ejected off the planet. How ridiculous.

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    She looks good. Love those shoes. Yeah we can see her panties in some of the angle/pictures. I have seen some nasty saggy side boob shows and what not. Compared to so much sh*t seen here, I don’t find this disgusting in any way.

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    PC looks fab…in a Kim Kardashian kinda way. And I don’t like Kim Kardashian, but she has some great clothes.

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    Well she was on the fashion police with Joan rivers ..then they would definitely have her on the segment that features
    Starlet or street walker..they have had the famous Riri on it several times..lol
    I have heard her music here in the US..she’s pretty good with Pitbull..loved it

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    Well, Priyanka got what she wanted: be the subject of comment.
    Bad Publicity Is Better Than No Publicity. I guess.

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    Oh she should have just gone with black! Its the white that’s making it seem like wardrobe malfunction. I hardly think this outing qualifies as tacky! She looks fit! Go PC!

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    It does seem as though Ms. Chopra is a repeat offender when it comes to white undergarments on display:

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    ONLY PC has the ability to look gross and tacky…never liked her style nor will YET jeez

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    Not her classiest look, but not that tacky either. Very edgy though. She certainly has the fit body to carry it. And I love the shoes!

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    chadi pehenke phool kila he :-)

    ps: It’s the title song line of Mogli cartoon incase anybody dosn’t know

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    My first reaction was WTHhey. But I actually like her look waist up and knee down :) . And I don’t think any other of her contemporaries can pull off anything as edgy as this.
    And I couldn’t resist adding – @Karishma from NYC – please calm down and have a seat.The poor girl just said she hasn’t heard her music in the U.S.

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      “Any of her “.

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    Thinking that some of the celebs should be ‘above’ criticism here, for whatever reasons, is ridiculous. If a commenter feels that they look tacky, vulgar and what not, then the comment will be made, irrespective of other achievements of said celebrity. In line with that, some celebs imo, no matter how much they are styled or which designer they wear or whether they are fully covered or have their privates on display, 99% of the time there is something tacky about their looks – Offenders include – Priyanka Chopra, Shriya Saran, Lakshmi Manchu…

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    The undie display was definitely intentional and it’s really disappointing.. Priyanka once said she wanted to be in the league of SRK, Amitabh, Aishwarya, etc. AND the thing is, she’s actually got that potential – Miss World, charming, humble, well-spoken, great looker, fabulous actress, decent enough singer but I don’t understand what’s happened to her in the last few years, she’s hitting all kinds of lows (not just in terms of fashion, all aspects of her life really). Here’s to hoping she gathers herself, drops the wannabe act, once again captures our hearts while giving us great fashion too.

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    Choice of the colour and type of the undergarment is wrong here …high waist tiny black ( neon pink )boi short would have worked but not a white panty . Otherwise everything else is fine

    1. FashionKitty at | | Reply

      Cudn’t agree more! It would have made the look perfect and edgy ( i guess that’s what she was going for?) this look feels to me like an intentional wardrobe malfunction.

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    Just because being tacky and cheap is “in” currently doesn’t mean that it is automatically cool and that nobody should criticize it.

    for God’s sake she looks like someone on Jersey Shore.

    And yes, I thank god that she is not known in the US. Because that would be a truly not-proud moment.

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    I think this post is getting too much attention. She doesn’t look bad, it’s just obvious her white panty showing through the shear..If I was her I would go bare inside. Im sure it wouldnt be obvious lol..better yet she could have worn a nude lining or something..Having said that, if Riri can why can’t PC?…is it that she is not there yet style wise?

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    Puh-leeze. What is so edgy about this look besides the chaddi-show? Her make-up and hair are completely off. You want edgy? Check out Beyoncé at the Met Gala…

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    She looks beautiful as always!

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    without the sheet trouble.. i just love the whole outfit.. super nice shoes and skirt.

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    pc pc.. what happened to the once classy actress with high quotient of the right amount of attitude??… the dressing displays a serious self esteem issue to me… she is so pretty.. then why this? Is this what essarkay does to a person?!

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    I don’t get the point of defending the whole criticism… after all it i criticism.
    If wearing colorful ones beneath the wonderful lace skirts or so is a booming trend so be it… but we are always conscious about what works in which place….Had she done it back in US… she might have been compared to rihanna or so so ….. but yes when wearing a bikini or rather a sexy sari is a eye popping moment for the cinemas and cine-goers .. then taking these fashion risque at such places is absolutely inappropriate…. now she definitely knows it better.
    The comments listed are not against her singing talent which is a different discussion altogether, it is about who the personality here is and how si she appealing to worldwide audience.So, karishma n slc… you can calm this down

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    T-shirt screams juvenile!

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    It’s lame how people try to act they are the fashion gods here! This is the kind of risqué fashion showcased in the likes of Paris n Milan. And these petty women are calling her vulgar, tacky attacking her talent popularity hard work blah blah. They just seem to love hating on PC! Prudes! It smells only of jealousy! She does not give a shit about you guys!

    1. Jasmine at | | Reply

      Oh yeah. We’re all so jealous we cant buy a skirt that allows my underwear to show! :P And no, its not like we’re beautiful women with great bodies! Impossible! All of us are ugly and jealous! :P

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    She actually looked good until I noticed the “white” part. Sheer in in right now. I just don’t understand the point in spoiling an outfit like that!

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    I don’t like her very much or her style. Her style is most often quite tacky but she sure does look hot in a weird way. Yeah! she could have had some class or elegance in her style (probably because that’s my style) but she has never had that in the past,so why now? She has a hot body and this sure must have created some sensation in the crowd. A little bit of craziness is needed to be popular as a singer i guess.

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    My only problem with her style is that its never her own. I don’t think after all these years I can pinpoint what her style is. She is almost in character promoting her music so plays dress up and here it is pop star/edgy. I just can’t take it seriously when she dresses this way yet when you flip the channel shes in that Gundey song with the wig and sari all masala bollywood. I’m all for variety but will the real Priyanka please stand up…

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