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How do you ruin a hip Alexander Wang dress? Just cover half the dress up with a god-awful corset(y) belt, wear ugly footwear and for finishing touches, put on a really ghastly pair of sunglasses. That’s how! Why Ms. Chopra? Why do you do this to us. It makes me cry to see such a cute dress worn like this!

Thanks to ‘ariel001’ for the Wang spotting!


Left: Alexander Wang, Spring 2009
Right: Priyanka Chopra at Forbes India Make-A-Wish Foundation Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Style


  1. Please no more Priyanka. I get the impression Priyanka thinks she is fashionable when in reality she has no sense of style. She wears expensive clothing and manages to make the outfits look cheap.

  2. SHE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO AESTHETIC. I’m sure Wang would cry and want to snatch it back .

    Priyanka, style can’t be bought. There is no point of browsing net-a-porter and when you have no genuine understanding of garments. This confirms she bought Wang, as she does with all her labels, because they’re labels, she cannot identify any of the foundation points in a garment like cut, style, fit, silhouette, and simply the art in dress-making. It’s ridiciculous really.

    For anyone who is passionate about fashion, seeing people dressed like this is amusing yes, but irritating too after a point..

    There’s a limit to ignorance.PC has crossed it and i’m sure she’s not aware.So much effort goes into her most casual appearances… if you want to buy labels after labels then at the very least gather a basic understanding of the subject first.

    These actors need a serious reality check, they are seriously delusional.. and the media is largely responsible. The people who have no coherent understanding of Fashion prop these girls onto high horses.. it;s just so odd.

      • ‘For anyone who is passionate about fashion, seeing people dressed like this is amusing yes, but irritating too after a point.. ‘
        so true!! i get SO annoyed by her!

      • you know in all honesty, they are actresses, the expectation is for them to act which priyanka has been doing pretty well. just saying.

        fashion sense isnt a must for everyone on the planet, right? just like not every one is expected to be an Einstein

        I was also set to leave a question to P&P to say if any way this dress would have worked on Priyanka, because she is a bit too curvy i feel for this dress. but your comment sort of derailed it.

        Commenting on some one is dressing is fine.

  3. Dear Lord I am speechless. Does PC have a back problem we’re unaware of hence that wanna be medical back belt thing. At this point she’s beyond help because it’s apparent that she’s convinced she looks hot.

    • And she wears the damn shoes over and over and over again.For crying-out-loud, invest in a stylist. Or fire the one you have.

  4. i am loosing hope fast. this is a hideous way to ruin a dress that has soooooo much potential that looks like a belt that old people wear around their waste for pain? and the shoes yikesss

  5. those shades aren’t ghastly at all!!
    They might be way too BIG for her face but they’re pretty cool.
    Terrible sense of style.

  6. piggy chops never had style mojo!! she ruins everything she puts on…always badly styled. and she wears the most god awful shoes….first she wore similar looking satin zanotis with the jeweled clasp to death and now these hideous suede shoes…bet they r ferragammos! aaaaaaaaaaawful!!

      • I think the dress was too loose around the waist and the belt was an attempt to tighten it? It completely ruined the interesting draping of the pseudo scoop and the side ruching…I still think the shades are nice though…

        • “I think the dress was too loose around the waist and the belt was an attempt to tighten it?”

          Interesting point you raise there… this also confirms how wrong, and naive her idea of sexy is: revealing and body hugging, fitted… she has clearly been taken in by this ideology for two long years.

  7. PC to her stylist: Ugg.. a dress that doesnt show off my size zero body!!! Off with your head!!!!

    Stylist (in a desperate bid to save her life): Dear Pri… dont u think this belt will look DARLING with this dress!!!

    PC: Of course! What a capital idea!!!!

    And so PC’s stylist lives to see another day!

  8. Maybe she has back problems and needs support or something. What else could explain this atrocity.And I don’t know if it’s just me but the whole big-round-blingy-watch-on-the-right-hand is getting to me!

  9. I think none of her dresses shine through coz her personality remains the same…she always has the same pose with the same facial expression and the same hairstyle…

  10. Belt or no belt, I dont think the dress is fitting her too well. The bodice area is just too frumpy for this design. The model wears it A+++ better.

    • Hey…we both use the same name to comment on this site…and I’m glad that at least we both have similar views…although I must say that the shades are not ugly…the shoes are ok…its just that the corset belt hides and clashes with the interesting draping of the dress…but she might have put it on because the dress may have been too loose around her waist?

  11. she should loose the belt ( if thats what it really is) and sun glasses. Shoes could have been excused then. Somehow she doesnt have the edge to carry high fashion ..she is perfect for bollywood

  12. And she was rated no 3 in the people’s list of best dressed Indian…huhahahaha…what a joke!!!
    PnP- Start your own list of best dressed people…I am sure you would do so much better!

  13. i find her hair do the worst, as in the ramp pic, the hair should have been pulled back…and also the shoes horrible!!!!!..the corset shouldnt have been dere at all!!!….the shades not that bad


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