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  1. sree at | | Reply

    I love the navy blue on her but the ornate border looks tacky. I still don’t understand why all these celebs wear Abu Jani clothes..

  2. Puneeta at | | Reply

    That is more horrendous than all the horrendous AS stuff that the Bachchans have worn combined.

  3. Ranij at | | Reply


  4. suhani at | | Reply

    ABSK stuff minus their chikankari in soft colors is absolutely HORRENDOUS !!!

  5. rs at | | Reply

    Low waist drape, the exposed back. She never misses on a chance to embrace the tacky. Terrible.

  6. Shikha at | | Reply

    The border and the colour..too loud and to top it all the hairstyle..what was she thinking!!

  7. Slc at | | Reply

    Agree with you P&P, great blouse. The saree is not that bad. At least it doesnt have the signature AJSK bling all over it. Great color on PC.

  8. Astha at | | Reply

    Hate story – part N

  9. reni at | | Reply

    It luks like one of those trashy sarees the only person in the occasion wears with tackiest taste n ppl just shut their eYES away from the tacky bling

  10. Tania at | | Reply

    Despite the bad hair, she manages to look sexy.
    I really don’t get why beautiful women like Ash and Priyanka wear AJSK so much. I’d much rather see them in Sabya.

  11. swati at | | Reply

    The problem with AJSK is that they put too many elements in the same outfit. The sari could be salvaged with a plain blouse, the blouse with a different sari and Priyanka with a different designer.

  12. SushiQ at | | Reply

    Abu Jani Dushman Khosla have attacked Priyanka now! Nooooooo!

  13. umarana at | | Reply

    love it! perfect amount of bling for a wedding without looking like the christmas tree fell on you…well done PC best pick of all the guests so far IMHO…

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