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  1. Sej at | | Reply

    I actually like a lot – from head to toe. She looks cute.

    1. Jasmine at | | Reply

      agree — but wish she’d draped the saree better. the close-ups are beautiful.

    2. maya hingorani at | | Reply

      ditto. love it entirely.

      1. siri at | | Reply

        love the look. For me glass bangles and mogra go together.
        very traditional.

  2. SK at | | Reply

    Love the traditional look…
    wouldnt change a thing :)

    1. beans at | | Reply

      Me too! glass bangles and all!!

    2. Kasthuri at | | Reply

      Love the look totally. awesome. wld nt change a thing.

      1. San at | | Reply

        Love it!

  3. kanika at | | Reply

    Nice change from Georgette sari’s with work – BUT not liking the print so much ….

    1. monika at | | Reply

      Exactly.But do u know what material are these Sabya sarees made of? Ae they Tussar silk sarees?

  4. sri at | | Reply

    she has changed a lot ..thanks to makeup and dressing. when i saw her in her first movie wondered who took her as an actress. seems like any ugly betty can be turned into a beauty in the glamour industry. nice sari. and mogra is quite common down south.

  5. Usha at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous.Me loving it.Me want.

  6. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Aren’t the mogras more common in the South? Correct me if I’m wrong, I may be totally off center.
    I love those flowers, I think they’re super feminine and I’m a bit of wannabe flower-child so :)

    Love everything but the bangles. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve grown up in the US with very little Desi influence, but I really love these type of really traditional, very ethnic looking outfits. I really love the idea of embracing and expanding on the “exotic-ness” of being Desi, rather than trying to fuse our traditional fashions into Western culture. It just seems like a bastardization of a beautiful culture, and the result often looks ridiculous. I swoon over these type of Earthy, oriental looks :)

    But that’s just me. It’s how I’ve chosen to embrace my heritage- there’s no point in running from it.

    1. pdaervo at | | Reply

      What I mean is, I think we should embrace what makes us different, and not try to camouflage it with whitening creams, colored contact lenses and excess amounts of bling.

      1. HHCPANKHA at | | Reply

        i luv her look from top to bottom.
        i do not mind the bangles though.
        her sari has more of gray so maroon bangles r not that bad.
        n i agree when i visited south India i bought gajra/mogra every day.
        purely desi girl :)luv it

      2. madhu at | | Reply

        completely agree with you.embrace what u have.

      3. dee at | | Reply

        Amen to that!! :)

      4. nefertiti at | | Reply

        Yes, this is very common in the South. It is considered auspicious – this being a movie/music launch event. This is very appropriate. But there has been a strong Punjabi influence all over the country, for the past decade.

        Most south indian weddings have a Mehendi ceremony and dancing at the wedding these days. And the bride and groom have taken to wearing traditionally Punjabi, or even Gujrati outfits. It is indeed lovely to see someone wear a look, that is more south indian. (Yes, I realize the sari, isn’t really very traditional).

        I was also thrilled to see Aishwarya dress up as traditional Bunt bride at her wedding. It is a gorgeous look. I hope to wear something like that for my own wedding ;)

      5. Orchee at | | Reply

        I feel you sister.

      6. Soho at | | Reply

        you get my vote :) she looks lovely head to toe and the south Indians have managed to keep their ethnic identities somewhat intact compared to the north Indians. Kudos to someone like Sabya for making such wonderful sarees..

      7. purplez at | | Reply

        Bravo pdaervo ! I absolutely agree with you !!

        1. crab at | | Reply

          True, Pdaervo. Love the earthy look. In every wedding i attend these days i only see Manish Malhotra-ish blingy sarees, halter neck blouses and loose hair. Of course, the girls look lovely, and i do like the change, but it’s painful to see them adopt the neo-Indian look with much alacrity, and suddenly turn dismissive of the traditional weave, full blouse, mallipoo/mogra style.

      8. charan at | | Reply

        Agreed, i always wear saree to any party in the US and every American seem to think that the coolest thing on earth. Its so much fun to embrace ones tradition, walk proud and question all those curious minds :)

    2. PeachBellini at | | Reply

      sorry, I may have missed your point, but what does that have to do with the bangles? Glass bangles are very much an Indian thing as far as I know.

      Regarding the outfit, I think it’s quite nice. No complaints. PnP, i really wish you guys would just call a spade a spade. if there’s nothing wrong with the look, then just admit it instead of having to nitpick on the bangles. lately i’ve noticed that you always find something wrong with someone’s outfit. while in some cases it is blatant, in others it’s just contrived.

      1. pdaervo at | | Reply

        Haha, no it wasn’t about the bangles. It was about the look as a whole compared to the whole MM movement.

        Although I do have to say that I love wearing “Western clothes”, it’s just that I don’t feel like my Desi clothes should look like my Western clothes.

    3. jen at | | Reply

      well said :)

      1. mp at | | Reply

        well said too!

  7. ak at | | Reply

    interestingly, priyamani is the cousin of another sabyasachi regular – vidya balan, and i heard that sabya did the styling for both versions of the movie (his first film foray?). love the saree – and she wears it very well

  8. Sugar at | | Reply

    Guess Sabya is a favorite among Palakad Tamils. Vidya Balan and now Priyamani. Like the Sabya sari better on her as compared to the boring yawn inducing Vidya Balan. She gives it a fresh aura. Don’t mind the bangles either.

    1. jos at | | Reply

      vidya and priyamani are malu..

      1. Sugar at | | Reply

        Palakad is in Kerala but the palakad brahmins are Tamil. Yeah, they might be totally off with some Tamil words n speak different. But are Tamil nonetheless. I know cos I got relatives there.:-D

      2. Preeti at | | Reply

        Nope, sorry Pallakad Tamil Brahmins. Vidya has said it time and again in interviews.

        1. I at | | Reply

          and are they GORGEOUS or what

  9. A&N at | | Reply

    I’d really like to know what is wrong with the bangles. I mean, not in an angry way :) But, genuine curiosity? coz I’d dress like this.

    Would you prefer mustard bangles? Please answer this question :) Thanks!

  10. ohslowburn at | | Reply

    It’s a lovely look overall and I love the blouse – so dainty and feminine! But about the sari, I’m probably going to be in the minority here: I look at the body – checked print – and think “older woman.” Like, grandmother older.

  11. Kanira at | | Reply

    The sari is nice but what’s up with the draping…

    1. Sugar at | | Reply

      Peeps have mentioned that she is Vidya Balans cousin so I’m not too surprised with her draping. Good idea to get tips from a cousin.NOT. Ha!

  12. way2sassy at | | Reply

    It is a look from another era..but God…what an amazing look. She looks very beautiful in a very Indian way here. Love everything..the gajra in her hair, the long thick plait, the sari with the contrast blouse and the bangles..especially the bangles. I love glass bangles and the sweet tinkling sound they make when the wearer moves her hands..my mom used to look and dress like this…still does and she has aged so gracefully. I hope I will look half as graceful when I reach her age!

  13. shyba at | | Reply

    Loved the Sari…but not on her….Bangles also a big No….

  14. FOB at | | Reply

    This is something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to know…..if you HAD TO wear bangles/bracelets with a saree like this, what color should they be? Black/white/orange/maroon would all qualify as too matchy. So then what…..green? I’d really appreciate anyone’s response.

    1. pdaervo at | | Reply

      Well, I didn’t like the bangles because I’m a total minimalist when it comes to jewelry, but because the sari is is printed and has so much color and business in it already, I would say either gold bangles (which, I guess, wouldn’t be glass) or black. I don’t think it’s possible to match too much with black- it’s the one color that works well as a solid monochrome.

  15. venus at | | Reply

    Trivia : Shes Vidya Balan’s Cousin :)

  16. divi at | | Reply

    Love the ensemble. The saree, hair, flowers. I dont care either way for the bangles but looks like she went entirely south Indian and the bangles add to that touch.

    She is Vidya balan’s cousin so it comes as no surprise that she went with Vidya’s favorite designer!

  17. priyanka at | | Reply

    LOVE the look.
    green glass bangles wouldve sealed the deal. i swear

  18. diptiN at | | Reply

    i like.

  19. shyba at | | Reply

    Didnt like the blouse too…

    Payal…u people from US or India?

  20. SS at | | Reply

    What a pretty face- the saree is not draped too well– looks all clumsy at the bottom!

  21. thia at | | Reply

    did you know that she and vidya balan are cousins??
    and btw she is doing the role of SHOORPANAKA in ravan which was initially written for Bipasha Basu.(incidentally mani ratnam told basu that he will give her another film!!!!!)

    1. bluu at | | Reply

      glad she’s playing the role, extremely talented has won the national award for her tamil film

  22. WTF at | | Reply

    Am in love with the saree

  23. Star at | | Reply

    U do not like the colour of the bangles or that it is made of glass? or is it both?

  24. moonlight at | | Reply

    I like the look, she looks refined. It is so refreshing to see a sari tied in a decent, non provocative way. Shilpa Shetty, are you listening!

    1. akaa at | | Reply

      Totally totally totally agree with you .. !!
      Thank God someone said it.. I just don’t get the deal about Shilpa Shetty!!
      This is the kind of look that I really like… We can excuse the little off draping here!!

      Sabya rocks as ususal

      1. pdaervo at | | Reply

        ME TOO! Shilpa Shetty is just so… flashy. It’s not something I like- although I know a lot of girls who like that aesthetic.

  25. dn at | | Reply

    She looks so sweet but wish she had draped it better – it would have elevated the look. I actually love the bangles – it is very South Indian, very traditional.

  26. sanjana at | | Reply

    She is Vidya Balan’s cousin….looks like the entire family loves Sabyasachi!!

  27. arpitha at | | Reply

    I dont mind the bangles, I infact think they complete the traditional look. but may be she can go for different color to match her eariings say dark orange or go for little less number of bangles.

  28. ash at | | Reply

    You still see people wear flowers in their hair in Hyderabad and def. down south – its very commen. The bangles look nice too, traditional, the whole look is lovely. A pleasant change from the Shilpa Shettys and Celinas of this world.

  29. SS at | | Reply

    it is so heartening to see you all appreciate a look so common in the south… yes, hugely different from the mini’s and halter’s but nothing like a classic sari to bring out the desi girls in us!! love love love it!

  30. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    What a pretty afce

  31. MANGOgrl at | | Reply


  32. charan at | | Reply

    now thats totally south india look…
    a) we are almost always required to tie our hair
    b) And obvious pin flowers
    c) More often than not, the saree is not translucent.

    Love the look, priyamani rocked it!!! Reminds me of the times when i was tagged “madrasi” for this look :)

    1. Preeti at | | Reply

      You should wear that tag with pride because this look beats so many of the falshy blingy sari looks HANDS DOWN!

      1. charan at | | Reply

        Thanks Preeti, i am a total madrasi, in every way possible :) and proud of that too…

        1. Preeti at | | Reply

          Me too.

  33. indiainspirit at | | Reply

    She looks graceful !!!!!!!!!

    1. s.s. at | | Reply

      i agree. she looks graceful, dignified, timeless and classic.

  34. HHCPANKHA at | | Reply

    60 comments. yay! for priyamani.
    even though i have no idea who she is.

    1. charan at | | Reply

      She is a very talented south indian actress who has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam movies. She won National award for her performance in a tamil movie.

  35. Bharati at | | Reply

    She looks lovely, I think this whole styling is Maniratnam’s influence, can see the way both Aishwarya and Priyamani are dressed when publicizing the film.
    All Mani’s heroines dress very elegantly and tastefully with ethnic influences ( lots of handlooms) right from mounaraagam, geetanjali, roja to bombay and guru.

    1. Bharati at | | Reply

      can still remember the “geetanjali dresses” (cotton handloom mirrorwork skirts and tops), white cotton embroidered sarees in anjali, cotton sarees in roja and bombay and the gujarat influenced handlooms in guru. some of them great trendsetters

      1. sri at | | Reply

        Sabyasachi is the lead designer for this movie. Both aishwarya n priyamani have worn his clothes in the movie. So kudos to him! it has also nothing to do with priyamani being vidya’s cousin. Of course, some directors like Raghavendra Rao do showcase his heroines beautifully. Remember Sridevi in Himmatwala?!

        1. charan at | | Reply

          Lets face it, the saree itself is not so great looking.

  36. shyba at | | Reply

    Did u notice that P&P each and every Sabya creation posted here has got so many comments than any designers…people love to talk about his work….

  37. meria at | | Reply

    i love it.very nice

  38. K at | | Reply

    LOVE :)
    so beautiful!

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