In Preen and Stella McCartney


At the same Dior event, Priya Chatwal was spotted wearing a blue version of the Preen dress that we saw on Shilpa Shetty a while back. Priya was also spotted wearing the gorgeous lace dress from Stella McCartney’s Fall 2009 collection at a WLIFW bash hosted by Tarun Tahiliani. Unfortunately, we still couldn’t find a good front profile picture but then I don’t blame the photogs. The major detail of the dress IS after all on the side and sleeves and they captured that part. :)


Left: Shilpa Shetty at Birthday Bash, London
Right: Priya Chatwal at Dior’s Collection Launch, Delhi


Left: Stella McCartney, Fall 2009
Right: Priya Chatwal at Tarun Tahiliani Bash in Delhi

Photo Credit: Style, Shilpa Shetty Live, HTCity


  1. I can’t see past the makeup. The makeup looks fine for the black dress because it’s so edgy but for the blue? She just looks like a clown and she already has such strong features.. with such overpowering makeup she just looks draggish.

  2. God shilpa has come such a long way. She has developed a great sense of style, she looks so good in the black dress. Love her little make up, tossled hair look. Tres chic. Priya has nice eyes and big lips, I wish she would tone done her make up, or at least wear lip gloss, instead of the horrible dark lipsticks. One look at her make up, and one forgets to look at what she is wearing.

    • are you serious, i DO appreciate shilpa’s sense of style off-late, but she looks like she just came out of an earthquake..
      she looks washed-out and in desperate need of a comb!!

  3. I don’t like the Stella McCartney dress one bit. Its awful on the model and even worse on Priya, the lace looks like cobwebs…ewww

  4. I will agree, Priya does need to tone her makeup down.
    BUT, given that seeing a woman with a sophisticated, individual sense of style on this site is as rare and beautiful as an oasis in desert, I will forgive her :-)

    How gorgeous is that Stella McCartney dress!!!
    On an aside, PnP the comment about hardly seeing any truly stylish women on HHC is not in any way meant to insult your blog. I just read your interview where you said that hearing how much we love your blog makes your day and allow me to say: I visit this place so often I’m considering making it my homepage!!
    As style aficionados the Mumbai social/ film set offers you precious little to go on (as one look at the ghastly-dressed crowds in your gallery will show), but you’ve still managed to make a fabulous blog out of it!! Kudos to you!
    However, I do have a suggestion: How about featuring more interviews/ collections of Indian designers, especially the lesser known ones? I find what the socialites lack, the designers in India make up for.
    My only grudge is that real designers like Alpana and Neeraj, Small Shop by Jason Anshu, Varun Bahl and Anand Kabra are over shadowed by naive fashion-ignorants like Manish Malhothra due to the bollywoodization of the fashion industry. It would be fabulous if we could see more of them on your site

  5. Don’t like the side panel-very cheap. If anyone else would have worn it, you would have commented adversely. Also she she town down either her blush or her lips.

  6. omg the stella macarteny dresss…i saw it n thot that model has put menhdi on her arms n shoulders…its kinda creepy…n lace on side on the bottom part….freaking tacky and sleazy…

  7. I love (and have loved for a while) both dresses. I also acutally love the lips as well, it’s really unusal in Indian makeup for the lips to be played up, and the pink looks FAB with the blue. The blush and eyes could have been toned down a bit, but she still looks good.

  8. I love Priya Chatwal, she always seems to well put together and pretty much always makes it work! Her make up is actually great I love that she combined that pink lipstick with the blue dress..on anyone else is might not have worked, but she wears it perfectly! And I like the stella mccartney dress, wish I could see it from the front and I wish I could see her shoes in both pictures because the shoes can make or break a look..But from what I can see she lookes amazing!

  9. Eeeks the black dress is so TACKY! looks like a cheap dress from Bandra streets..the lace is maha tacky! I have grown to like Shilpa over the past couple of years..except for her cover pix! ( cant get past those dumb non-expressive looks) ..but that aside..she has worked hard to make herself stylish..get a great body…and just look classy!


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