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  1. shivani at | | Reply

    hate hate hate..!

  2. Dazzdiva at | | Reply

    Babita looks like she just escaped from jail with that chunky chain/necklace of hers!

  3. kara at | | Reply

    You girls are so right: it’s all in the pose!

  4. blinkandmiss at | | Reply

    In love with Babita’s neckpiece!

  5. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    Drashta for me!!! Wow, what a look she has … and the dress seems to add so much to the pose… now, this is style!!

  6. bongbabe at | | Reply

    Payal said, “Of the three, Pria was an instant favorite. ”

    really? you’d wear curtain ties around your waist too? o-kay.

    1. monika at | | Reply

      I so agree……that does look like a curtain tie!!!

  7. beezee at | | Reply

    If you ask me ALL THREE are disatrous ! The first looks like she has worn curtain tassles around her waist ,the second awful and the third ……..OMG .

  8. Racheal at | | Reply

    I think Pria looks stunning and effortless at the same time

  9. Chandra at | | Reply

    Babita’s dress is totally from a curtain – solid inner layer, sheer outer layer and a curtain tie too! C’mon P & P – reevaluate pls (and put that Martini away :-D)

  10. yashu at | | Reply

    Pria totally looks like older version of katrina…as for the look above no comment :0

    1. aradhana at | | Reply

      True. True. That was the first thing that crossed my mind!

  11. aradhana at | | Reply

    which* crossed my mind. oops!

  12. rani at | | Reply

    like pria’s look she just a beautiful girl !

  13. preety at | | Reply

    Haters gonna hate! Pria Kataaria looks reallyy really amazing

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