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  1. preeti at | | Reply

    wow !! congrats ladies …. love to see you getting your due …
    great job ..keep it up ..:)

  2. DeLight at | | Reply

    Congrats! XD

  3. Jazz at | | Reply

    La’chaim!!!! Wow girls, Only 2 years and ur the most talked about website already. Touchwood!! Very happy for you. Hope this is just the beginning of success for y’all!! :) Congratulations and Happy Diwali . :-)

  4. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    AWESOME! Keep it up! Keep growing and one day get something out of this site…like an award or something and then we can see you and turn the tables :P Haha!

  5. kaya at | | Reply

    Keep at it.. and keep experimenting with new ideas and pushing the boundary, maybe hunting down less known, more deserving fashionistas and socialites?

  6. ReshmaSanjeev at | | Reply

    Congratulations !!! You girls are worth this and more…:-). Keep it up.

  7. deepkas at | | Reply

    mabrook ! we need to see u guys now, pics plzzzz i think u should start a new post – p& p ‘s prized possessions. discussing your most fav grabs

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    2. gaga at | | Reply


  8. OrangeJammies at | | Reply

    Congratulations on the feature and Happy Diwali! Your fame is well-deserved.

  9. ko at | | Reply

    congrats…well deserved:)

  10. Eva at | | Reply

    Who was the socialite???

    1. Payal (HHC) at | | Reply

      Cannot reveal. Wouldn’t want another legal notice served to us! :P

  11. Probster at | | Reply

    **WOO-HOO** ! Congrats Lady Ps ! Nothin’ like having fun with what you do and getting recognized for that. Its like double whammy! I’m pretty confident that we’re going to see a lot more of you around…more coming! Party oN!

  12. TumHum at | | Reply

    So COOL

  13. Bee at | | Reply

    wowiee..u girls surely deserve it..my morning isnt complete without visiting HHC..love it loads n u guys too :)

  14. KS at | | Reply

    Congratulations, much deserving! Btw who was the socialite ;).

    1. Payal (HHC) at | | Reply

      Can’t reveal that! Don’t want to risk another legal notice. Noooooo. ;)

      1. KS at | | Reply

        Haha!Nevermind ,let us conclude on our own!

  15. SeXY Devil at | | Reply

    Great going! Hope the new year rocks for you!

  16. Neha at | | Reply

    congrats girls … :)
    on a side note… i always tht that u 2 are sisters… like real sisters…but since u mentioned r moms..
    anyways like someone said before…u should post ur pics now… there’s too much curiosity :)

  17. Julie at | | Reply

    Good job girls…keep it up!

  18. tan ta da! at | | Reply

    that interview was really not candid enough! we dont even know where u live!!??

    1. Saya at | | Reply

      If you follow the blog well enough..you should know! All i can say is US, Central time zone.;)

      1. gaga at | | Reply

        hmmm…they do add a lot of posts between 9 and 11 PT

      2. tan ta da! at | | Reply

        lol yea thats wht i thought too but time zones can be manipulated.
        on RCFA, HHC sometimes comes up and it says Bangalore :s

  19. Saya at | | Reply

    Congrats P&P! Bring on the martinis. :)

  20. Nandini Vishwanath at | | Reply

    Supriya Nair? :) She’s a riot isn’t she?

    Also, great job!

  21. SMM at | | Reply

    And here I thought you guys were thanking me :P

    Anyway Congratulations to the two of you…you guys totally deserve this :)

  22. Stuti at | | Reply

    Congrats you two! :)
    I want to know who the socialite is. :D

  23. Henna at | | Reply

    Congratulations on your tremendous success. Your blog is an inspiration :)

  24. R at | | Reply

    congrats gurl!
    great going!! bring out the martinis.. and have a fantastic diwali! :)

  25. Divya at | | Reply

    Congrats PnP. Great going! Popped the bubbly yet ;)

    and a very Happy Diwali to you :)

  26. girlie at | | Reply

    Super Stuff Girls :)
    And yes, what won’t I do for that Sabyasachi saree on Aishwarya! :)

  27. Among at | | Reply

    Congrats girls!! this is So well deserved!!

  28. Ravi at | | Reply

    Congratulations! You girls deserve all the kudos :-)

    I’ve been reading your blog since ’07 & loved every bit of it right from day 1.

    Here’s wishing you many more such accolades :-)


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