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  1. Sumiii at | | Reply

    can she ever go wrong? she personifies minimalism yet chic!

  2. Su at | | Reply

    She looks great!

    On a sidenote, I always see you criticize flats! You guys need to embrace them, just like you love your peep toe pumps, fashion does not always have to kill your feet!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Agree…”fashion does not always have to kill your feet”
      Anyways, I find the dress more like a kitchen apron. But its not bad.

  3. Su at | | Reply

    I did give you the benefit of doubt – you are working gals after all! :)

    But would love to see some encouragement on this site for flats – lets not stereotype fashion, comfortable shoes can be fashionable too..

  4. ritu at | | Reply

    oh yeah they r soooo cute……she’s looking lovely!

  5. sumi at | | Reply

    If not flats, what shoes cud be opted for with such a dress? high heels would kill the softness of it!

  6. geet at | | Reply

    god!!! looks like the people who own this site have a problem with everything.. u guys hardly appreciate anything.. man!! was this ite created to simply rip celebs apart..

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