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  1. Sunshine at | | Reply

    On the right picture, she seems to be bored too! :)

  2. jazz at | | Reply

    she looks like jade goody in the pic on the left…

  3. ChaltaPhirta at | | Reply

    does anyone know how tall she is?

  4. Raspberry at | | Reply

    Her face looks huge in the first pic!

  5. rah at | | Reply

    Preity is looking 65! very washed up!

  6. annapurna at | | Reply

    Does she wear a wig ? … her hairline looks funny in first pic , and also most of the time … even where she parts her hairs , no part of head is visible !!

    i hope preity lovers wont kill me for this :)

  7. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Not sure if both the events were held at Toronto…but she said in her interview that the suitcase full of clothes she took with her…somehow would not fit her and were all a size too big for her and then she had to go shopping and pick out clothes at the last minute…so I am wondering if that’s the reason why she chose to wear these clothes…not defending her or anything…but yeah…she could have experimented more even with those denims! Kurti would look cute, …I am guessing the weather is chilly there now…I think her hairstyle is not working for her…makes her face look huge!

  8. k=kirthi at | | Reply

    awww what happened to my preity??!! :(

  9. lynn at | | Reply

    neither am i. Am totally lusting her Chanel bang though :(

  10. J at | | Reply

    And that looks like a chanel bag.

  11. happy at | | Reply

    well the purse she is carrying is from chanel

  12. happy at | | Reply

    one think that i don’t like about preity is she doesn’t try indian clothes more often , i mean have u seen the sari she wore at the wedding of ash and abi , she was looking so stunning
    may be she is jaded , i mean she just got back from her holiday with ness where she lost her mobile and other belongings!!

  13. Amina at | | Reply

    Deepa Mehta looks really cool and stylish, I have to say.

  14. anoo at | | Reply

    This is all Ash’s influence…….omg….the jackets look so stupid….

  15. amna at | | Reply

    boring or not.. she does it well.. n im totally loving the lambskin chanel flap on her!! the jacket on the left is nice

  16. Meghna at | | Reply

    Oooh God, Deepa Mehta’s hair and Preity’s cheeks…my eyes refuse to notice anything else!!!

  17. Adity at | | Reply

    Why is Preity all depressed these days? The bubblye girl is nowhere to be seen.

  18. pdaervo at | | Reply

    yeah..her style quotient has been going down recently, she seems to be in frumpy mode
    her picture on wikipedia is AWESOME! – I want that Preity back

  19. jia at | | Reply

    I love the jacket I can see myself wearing it.

  20. krzykuri at | | Reply

    She looks tired – always! I like the look on her but it is a bit too predictable now. She doesnt even seem to wear bright colors either. I hope she releases a movie soon. I miss her and Rani’s acting in good movies!

  21. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    i think she’se become “boring” and less perky and bright because she’s trying too hard to get out of that “bubbly” skin. i remember her mentioning several times how it irritated her when people labeled her as that. she’s also trying really hard to be a sophisticated style icon, and while she can carry off many things well, her expressions do give away the poserness of the whole situation.

  22. same1b at | | Reply

    i totally agree with annapurna…I’ve noticed that weird unchanging hairline too…..she looks too self-conscious…like even this simple looks takes an effort to put together…it would be nice to see her in a simple salwar for instance

  23. J at | | Reply

    OMG – her jeans are really long and you cant see the bottom seam. She seems to have tucked it inside…I can almost see the fold!!!

  24. Nepali at | | Reply

    I think she dressed better or just right than others who came in limelight, but there are too many others now who take risks and dress better, so it’s boring to see the same old. Her style is classy and safe, always reminded me a bit of Jennifer Aniston.

  25. happy at | | Reply

    i love preity , she my fav actress , i adore her personality
    but i wish she would try indian clothes
    she looked stunning in veer-zara

  26. priya at | | Reply

    but i totally love the black jacket shez wearing. very chic.

  27. ashu at | | Reply

    bad bad haircut….makes her face looker bigger….n she has quite a broad face….dis stupid haircut only adds 2 da already existing broadness…n we r tired 2 c her in dese borin ensembles…..

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