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I can’t help but feel a lil’ disappointed over Preity’s look at the LV event. The Spring 2009 dress that looked fab on the runway with the sheer turtle neck and belt somehow looks so bland on her. The pink LV clutch wasn’t enough. For me, at least.

For more pics of Preity and a full-length, go Here. Thanks ‘noove’ for the link.

P.S. I think she is wearing Gucci Spring 2009 sandals with the dress, but am not sure.


Left: Louis Vuitton, Spring 2009
Right: Preity Zinta at Louis Vuitton Launch, Mumbai

Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton


  1. Nope, that dress is pretty bland on the runway too!

    Don’t forget the power of Black and Orange.. fiery combination, and therefore, the coral beads and copper belt make the dress pop. As also does the sheer innerwear…or maybe its attached, but you get it..the sheer stuff) which saves the dress.

  2. saw other pics… this isnt the most flattering.
    with the shoes etc… the dress looks a lot better than it does here.
    anyway… i’ve never been an LV fan

  3. I beg to differ…I think she looks gorgeous! I liked the dress minus her shoes! Overall pretty decent…this lady can carry everything with a lot of grace and style….maybe that the magic of her cute baby-face!!

  4. I LOVE the dress & she picked a great clutch.
    The only thing that let her down are her shoes. This dress would’ve been a great opportunity to have worn killer high high heels which are super super bright.

    • ohmygod!!It kind of looks like she HAS safety pinned the dress!! I hope my eyes are deceiving me and I’m wrong, because that would be SO tacky!! And I’ve never thought of PZ as tacky!

      I mean if you are not comfortable with a low neckline it is perfectly understandable but you either choose a dress with a more modest neckline, or if altering the neckline does not take away from the over-all appeal of the dress, you get a subtle alteration done by a good tailor. You do NOT add a safety pin!!

  5. I am a big fan of PZ but I totally agree with P&P. The dress by itself is really bland but the accessories on the model really make the dress interesting. I wish she had chosen something else to show her vibrant personality.

  6. I don’t think the actresses really own these LV dresses. They were probably sent to them to wear to the event. And the dress goes with her conservative style of dressing so they probably chose this one for her.

  7. I love PZ’s version of the dress. It doesn’t feed into the Christmas Tree aesthetic of more is more that so many of these women seem to prefer. PZ could be at any party in New York and fit right in. Her grooming is flawless, the dress is flattering (at least in this picture) and the bag along with her face offers all the sparkle it needs.
    The shoes (again with the cutting off short legs at the ankle thing…why, oh lord WHY?) could have been better but oh well.


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