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    i just loved that sari !!! it is so gorgeous!!! it is nice to see pz wearing sari!!!

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    Isn’t it what Kareena wore to the Filmfare awards?

  4. pdabre at | | Reply

    and we have preity back in the groove taking the outfit to whole another level.!!!!!!!

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    i like this sari better than kareena one!! this sari is absolutely gogeous

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    Looks like fashion has come a full circle…it is back to Ramayan and Mahabharat days. That is when the ladies never wore blouses, just some wrap around the bust :) LOL

    The sari is gorgeous, but I don’t dig the no blouse treatment.

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    wow, her earrings are gorgeous! the sari is nice too, i like the combination of white and green. but just can’t get over how pretty her earrings are. she has worn them before too, but they didn’t have such a wow effect last time (with a similar looking black sari).

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    she looks stunning! i love her earrings and she looks gorgeous without that extra layer of makeup. everything about the look is exquisite.. from the hair, to the minimal jewelry to the make up and the sari.

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    Preity looks ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.. i like her makeup 9 out of 10 times.. beautiful saree too.. i think mallika can take few tips from her on how to look sexy yet elegantly beautiful at the same time..

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    She looks very classy. I love that she repeats those emerald earrings so many times but match them so appropriately each time.

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    This one is better than the one Kareena wore. Preity looks stunning.

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    how do you get the pallu to stay on your shoulder with a tubetop? do they use two-way adhesive tape?

    Preity is one of the few B’wood women who looks stunning after her weight loss.

    love this look on her.

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    preity looks super sexy….. yet she doesnt make it look slutty widout da blouse…she’s elegance personified…evrythin is perfect…she looks soooo beautiful…..

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    the tube-blouse-thingy is not working fr me at all

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    aww I LOVE preity’s smile! she looks soo stunning, and those earrings are elegant, yet understated

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    Preity wore the same ear ring for Drona’s premier.

  17. claire at | | Reply

    she’s looking good in that sari. it’s nice to see her wearing indian outfits once in a while.
    now those earrings, sure they’re nice, but she’s been wearing them at almost every big event she’s attended for the past 2 years at least. i think it’s time she get new ones…

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    Preity wears it better much than Kareena did. or whatever little modifications kareena did makes it look much better.

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    I didn’t think I would like the whole blouseless look, but Preity looks absolutely gorgeous. I love those emerald earrings, and they look fabulous with the traditional sari. It’s in a way quite humbling to see stars repeat their outfits and accessories, especially people who are grossly overpaid. My one small gripe is the colored contacts; why is it that Indians think lighter eyes automatically equals more beautiful? I am fiercely proud of my dark eyes!

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    she looks stunning! i love the earrings with the saree as well! she should wear saree’s more often!

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    Preity has good shoulders, so this looks good. Also love the earrings and the sideswept hair. Très elegante!

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    The earrings are to die for. Reminds me of Liz Taylor’s prized emeralds

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    she wears it VERY well (although, I like the color on the runway version better)
    and actually, I find the whole Ramayan and Mahabharat interesting- I sort of like the idea (and, again, she pulls it off VERY well)
    the emerald and the gold/cream/beige is exquisite

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    i <3 preity’s choice of sari its so classy and not overdone or trashy
    nice 2 c her wearin a sari 4 a change and i love her contrastin earrings :)

  25. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    @zara, i think preity’s eyes are naturally that color.

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    I think those are Chopard earrings that she got from promoting Chopard at Cannes a couple of years ago. True?

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    really like the saree, the earrings, the styling, the makeup. But a blouse wud’ve been nice…tho not a spaghetti strap excuse for a blouse :-)

    1. Shanti at | | Reply

      I think it looks better without a blouse, not to mention that the Saree emaphasises her beauty.

      The less clothing we wear the less we contribute to carbon emissions and global warming.

      All women should wear their Saree without blouses as it really brings out the beauty and eastern look.

      It makes one proud to be and Indian as it also shows how classy a Saree looks without ablouse

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  28. chicbollywood at | | Reply

    Hi, I don’t think the saree Preity is wearing is exactly the same as the runway piece. She has worn a white saree before which is identical to the runway piece you have included in the post.

  29. Nick at | | Reply

    Finally! after all those haggard and bottom line appearances..she has given me what I totally love on her

  30. Sweta at | | Reply

    The earrings are nice no doubt …. but I think we have already seen her wear this … at Drona premiere … it is quite similar to the Chopard emerald and diamond necklace that she wore at Cannes.

  31. KK. at | | Reply

    she actually looks absolutely radiant.

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    those earrings are exquisite! and she wore them at the Filmfare previously.
    I WANT!

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    Gorgeous except for the blouse!!

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    She wore those during aishwarya rai’s sangeet and then for the drona premiere and also for filmfare this year.

  35. pdabre at | | Reply

    I mean the earrings.

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    I like, both the sari and the beautiful earing. She looks great.

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    From what I recall, in her earlier movies and appearances, she’s always had dark eyes. Lately, she’s had the habit of donning hazel-ish contacts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; I’m all for experimenting. It’s just that it’s a growing trend amongst Indian celebrities as a way to appear more “white”.

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    her earrings are gorgeous… so i dont mind that she repeats them. sari is nice too… nothing too extraordinary. but am really tired of this no blouse craze. enough already….

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    just a point on the eye-contacts statement..

    if an american/european woman wears black/brown contacts, no one accuses her of trying to be “brown”.
    then why are indians accused of trying to be “white” if they chose to wear blue/hazel contacts?

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    I’m sorry but I really need to ask, Whats the big deal???. She looks nice.Nice, nothing more nothing less. The blouse is just too boring I actually prefer the runway version….

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    Hmm.. I don’t mind the lenses as long as you look good in them.. sadly very few people look good in an eye colour not theirs.. I’ve seen a few looks that have been ruined by a bad choice in lenses.. Evil looking, popped out, red rimmed eyes are so not the height of fashion.

    I really do like Preity here. Even with a tube top she manages to look elegant. And she draped the Sari properly!! That’s worth a few gold medals.. The Sari has the right amount of bling and the colour suits her though I rather like the colour the model’s wearing.

    @JS. Sometimes a simple, decent ‘nice’ works much better than a potential ‘Wtheyy’

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    I don’t know why people are griping so much about the tube top.. it’s much nicer to expose a shoulder than expose the front of your blouse like other celebs were doing.

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    she looks lovely!!! everything is perfect.

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    i can’t see past the earrings, as it is i love all gems green…hehe

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    I thinks she is looking good. I really like the blouse.accentuates the look.very classy

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    she has got the look going-i dont know why people are carping about the blouse-look stylish & sexy to me –

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    Everything is great..the saree, the blouse, the earrings!! (love those) , her makeup….Preity looks very elegant and beautiful in this one.

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