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  1. Soumya at | | Reply

    Lovely! Oh my god I am in love with the color and the draping. Perfect 10. But I think her hairstyle adds years to her.

  2. Sue at | | Reply

    Liking the dress (reminds me of Udita’s satin dress a few posts prior) but totally hate the hair. btw P&P, what do you think of the dress – thought you did not care for most satin pieces out there? :)

  3. Rajini Aravind at | | Reply

    Lovely dress, lovely colour, great for her shape. Did she cut her hair or were those extensions? It doesn’t suit her square face. Don’t think the emeralds go with the dress either. Tourmalines or yellow saphires would have been nicer.

  4. nj at | | Reply

    her hair stylist shud be fired right away.

  5. jen at | | Reply

    loved the style, but wud hv preferred a diff mut outrageous color in diff fabric mayb

  6. jen at | | Reply

    oops i meant more*

  7. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I like the color but I don’t know about the length of the dress…for some reason satin doesn’t suit for floor length dresses….also, maybe it looked good in person but in the picture the necklace does not suit the dress…i’d have worn a simple diamond necklace.

  8. madhu at | | Reply

    Love the dress…hate the hair. Brownie points for not wearing black.

  9. Lollipop at | | Reply

    The hair the hair yes it is really the hair that should’ve been different.

  10. Carol at | | Reply

    Beautiful dress but overwhelms Preity and the hair is wrong. This dress would look great on a taller person with upswept hair and long wavy hair.

  11. jen at | | Reply

    wud hv liked her more in sth like wht natalie portman wore

  12. pdaervo at | | Reply

    …really! I LOVE! her hair
    but then again, I’m always complaining about how all Indian actresses should cut their waist hair so…
    but the bob is very in, no?

  13. pdaervo at | | Reply

    then again, the hair doesn’t exactly add to her already wide face

  14. Rid at | | Reply

    I hate the color!!!!!… totally washes her out… love the hair though… she should have worn a bighter color.. or a diff shade of blue

  15. kashmira at | | Reply

    love the dress and the color

  16. Dee at | | Reply

    typical Priety zinta.. i don think i care much for the dress… but love the color (not on her though) n the necklace…

  17. Anu141 at | | Reply

    Love the dress.. color, drape ‘n all… (satin done right).
    The hair and jewelry are a different story altogether- A sleek bob might have done much better than the waves & simple diamonds or even deep blue sapphires would have worked better against the aqua shade of the dress… me thinks:-)

  18. Anu141 at | | Reply

    Also… love the fresh simple makeup

  19. Aditi at | | Reply

    OMG… never though I’d like ice-blue satin – but the dress is so beautifully draped, the colour doesn’t kill it at all… like the fact that the jewellery is not matchy. and while the hair is far from perfect, its so good to see a Bollywood celebrity that looks comfortable in ‘western wear’ (hate the term, but they manage to look either dowdy or tacky usually, for eg Ash)… a good 8.5 on 10.

  20. Hema at | | Reply

    The dress is okay, not the hair . And the jewelery doesn’t match her dress in my opinion .

  21. vasumathi at | | Reply

    the neck piece is not doing anything for the dress..they are difefrent shades of green….the dress wd hav been better with a simple mono colour neck piece…

  22. Missy at | | Reply

    I absolutely love the gown!

    BTW, what’s that red thing on her wrist? That’s quite a color contrast! I’m surprised no one has noticed that yet.

  23. Pitu at | | Reply

    Love the dress, love the makeup, love the hair! Preity rocks!!

  24. Pitu at | | Reply

    Missy- I think it’s a religious ‘dhaaga’ she wears because I have seen her wearing it in a lot of pics. Looks exactly like the thread they give you at poojas.

  25. pearl at | | Reply

    Preity is looking stunning stunning and captivating.

    Very stylish, elegant, trendy, simplicity personified !

    She is the true fashion icon !

    she has bombed our mrs bachchan

  26. kannu at | | Reply

    priety looks stunning !

  27. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Preity looks great..but wish she had retained her hair the way it was in her IPL video …and curled it too…the length of her short hair draws attention to her wide face and away from her dress..but overall she is a breath of fresh air…her necklace is kinda like the one shilpa shetty wore over her white gown…

  28. Neha at | | Reply

    i jus lovedddddd her dresss…..beautiful it is…lovely color, very good fall….BUT….HER HAIR….

  29. Missy at | | Reply


    Thanks :) I kept thinking it was a fashion disaster :P….my bad.

  30. Emma at | | Reply

    I really find Preity Zinta annoying, so I may be biased- but she looks stupid! No other way to put it- the hair makes her neck disappear, the eye makeup looks HIDEOUS- when will Indian girls learn, no matter how white your skin color is, you will not be able to pull off “white” makeup? anyway, her gown stunts her and the jewellery looks like something from my niece’s dressup box…so stupid.

  31. Emma at | | Reply

    …oh and color contacts? really????

  32. nj at | | Reply

    @ Emma, “white makeup”,. what a ridiculous comment and it only reflects your level of mentality. just coz she s indian doesnt mean she has to slather black eye liner all over her eyes. I actually find her less pretentious than the other wannabe who speaks english with a fake accent. n u can very well guess who that wannabe is.

  33. Rakhi at | | Reply

    As usual , her appearance is like fresh breeze , unlike those Black,Red & Silver gowns …She is again in her very own style not imitating any of the Hollywood Diva ..Cute !!!

  34. nik at | | Reply

    Lovely dress but shame about everything else

  35. kanchan at | | Reply

    lovely dress,wrong hairstyle..but she does look good.and kudos for wearing something other than funeral black …

  36. winne at | | Reply

    She is looking fresh and beautiful….i like her look.I think we are quite accoustomed to her long hair that’s why a change is not well accepted…however i find her looking good and it takes guts to try new hairstyle in occassion like CANNES..

  37. nepali at | | Reply

    The entire look is elegant, but this elegant would be better if she were in her 40s or above. She is still young, why not wear something fresh, flirty and fun, which you may have to compromise after a certain age.
    The hair style is not suitable for her face shape.

  38. E's Mama at | | Reply

    loving the colour and the dress altogether, the hairs a big no-no i dont think it goes well with her look and her face either! the dress however does wonders for her figure which I’m pleased she’s improved on!

  39. Rene at | | Reply

    fantastic. make up and hair style could have been better. I liked Priety’s gown to Ash’s but Ash’s make up and hair style was great.

  40. Emma at | | Reply

    @ NJ- i don’t think my dislike for “white” makeup says anything about mentality, other than i know what looks good- and WHITE EYEMAKEUP DOES NOT LOOK GOOD!!! You’re right, she doesn’t have to slather her eyes with black eyeliner or whatever, but she doesn’t have to look like her eyes have gone ashy…and um, I think fake colored contacts speaks volumes on her pretentiousness…”fake accent”, maybe that’s how Ash just TALKS…gosh, open up your eyes!

  41. Emma at | | Reply

    p.s FYI, i thought Ash looked stupid too when she did it…[white eye makeup]

  42. kashish at | | Reply

    the dress is stunnign, love her jewellery too…but i guess she could have done with diamonds or sapphires…but i aint complaining……….though what i’d love to have a go at, is the hair….why , oh why , oh why????????

  43. Nadia at | | Reply

    Yay! I love what she has done with her hair! I also love the colour and pattern of the dress (a bit reminiscent of Twinkle’s red dress?). Her necklace does not quite match, perhaps silver would’ve been a better choice over green. Her makeup also looks fresh and subdued, not overdone and again goes well with her dress. To conclude, everything ties in well and miss Zinta looks FABULOUS!

  44. Candy at | | Reply

    Her hair looks like Eva Longoria.

  45. Isha at | | Reply

    Nay! Sorry – I find her wannabe-ish!

  46. Never Mind at | | Reply

    The look is good but not on her. It makes her look ataleast 5-10 years older. Wish she went with a more younger looking color like yellow with a more flirty cut!

  47. Ritu at | | Reply

    I really don’t get what people are ooh – aahing about. The dress is nice, I like the neckline and the way the dress falls, the color is good too but satin makes it like a prom dress. Chiffon, silk – there are soo many other interesting fabrics. The necklace does nothing and infact takes away from the effect. The clutch is soo boring.

  48. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    The hair is a disaster…looks like she tucked her long locks to create a bob like illusion. The dress is nice but not on her…the length is so wrong for her. I am sure they had atleast 6 months of advance notice….wasnt that much time enough to put together a great look that suits her!!I would blame her stylist mostly….
    The makeup is great but then again…its too blah for the occasion. So much money and so little taste…

  49. Malini at | | Reply

    don’t like the dress or her hairstyle.. she could have done much better

  50. duhhhhh at | | Reply

    dress is lovely not the color…she looks cute n fresh tho not her hair…she looks so good in curls n her usual hair…n the neckpiece is too gadwy..is it the presure or wat they alwys mess up at cannes…lolzz..n wats the fite over the white makeup thingy..gess both of u mean diif things wen us ay white makeup…jus wat i thto one is sayin the literal white n otehr the white ppl one white…is it so…?

  51. Ricebunny at | | Reply

    BIG NAY!
    PZ got the whole look wrongg.From her tucked in hair dwn right to the dress! Its clashes big timee! It sucks, cuz u expect something wondefull from PZ as shes normally stunning! This time she’s failed Big Time!!.. =(

  52. manisha at | | Reply

    love the dress and the makeup. i dont like the hair that much.. i prefer the longer hair look on her. the emeralds with the outfit don’t go either! maybe just diamonds or yellow stones would have looked great.

  53. Belle at | | Reply

    I agree with most of you above…the hair is a big no-no! And yes, i would have liked her to wear something “younger”

    But hey, one look at her smile and i forget everything else! LoL

  54. Joules at | | Reply

    I have to give her points for trying. Preity always tries and is edgy and stylish. I am getting so tired of Indian actresses having the long mane and dramatic curls hair style. (Come on, that went out of fashion with Sri devi). Loving bips hair style as well.

  55. simran at | | Reply

    i like! just cause her hair is short …not many ppl seem to have taken to it ..kudos to her for trying something different..she looks stunning !

  56. Jaishree at | | Reply

    I think Preity looks passable,even washed out-a far cry from the priety we are used to seeing..her hair looks hedious.I like the short style but hate those curls-they just dont look good together.Her jewellery is also a disaster…..the gown and the jewellery dont compliment each other….the gown is lovely but designed for someone taller and more athletic-not that Priety is fat but it just falls better

  57. Pooja at | | Reply

    Preity looks wonderful… as usual. Stunning dress, it hugs her curves very well. Superb fabric and colour. Preity’s carried it off very well. She looks radient! Shining eyes, cute smile, great posture. Her eyes looks gorgeous and her lip colour suits her skin tone.Nice different jewelery too. But if I am to be critical, I’d say that her hair’s not too matching with her outfit. Everything thing else blends in well but her hair could have been long and wavy or with curls. What a wrong time to get your hair cut PZ. But overall, she looks stunning and different, rather than the typical black colour, people always wear.

  58. Disha at | | Reply

    I am gr8fan of hers specialli her cute face and hair style bt here she really makes me feel bad about her hair style i didnt expect this from her..I Realli RealLi HATE her hair style

  59. ashu at | | Reply

    preity looks absolutely stunning wid her perfect make up…..da gown is just bout drapes n its been draped beautifully…its 4 older women i agree….but da hair 4 sure doesnt suit her….it adds 2 her already broad face…but preity is a rockstar…she can carry nythin wid elan…..

  60. salman shaikh at | | Reply

    i like ur dress priety,and u also

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