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  1. debs at | | Reply

    i heart this woman!

  2. deewani at | | Reply

    the belt does not suit preity’s frame…it makes her look wider..stumpier…

  3. Antonia at | | Reply

    I prefer the way Preity wore the belt at Cannes.
    Cluch is ok. Since she’s wearing black I wish she’d picked a brighter coloured clutch.

  4. jess at | | Reply

    prety looks like chucky doll

  5. diptiN at | | Reply

    more than dressing age appropriate, one has to wear clothes appropriate to one’s figure and height. Preity is not tall enough to wear these wide belts. For a while she wore the wide fendi belt, now this. She looks chunky

  6. Elysia at | | Reply

    What legal notice? I dont see any comment by addicted here….Am I missing something?

  7. luna at | | Reply

    PZ has Envy worth collection of Bags and Clutch
    4 dior bags ,3 bottega veneta ,2 Birkin(red and green),Gucci,
    2 Judith Levier ,Chloe,Chanel,Mark Jacob,……….so on

  8. ShoeAddict at | | Reply

    Black dresses…some more black dresses…and yes some more!! YAWN YAWN YAWN!!

  9. ranjini at | | Reply

    she looks like a witch with a plastic broom tied around her middle

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