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  1. phoenix at | | Reply

    circa 1988

  2. antara at | | Reply

    i think she looks nice. whats not to like?

    i likey. :s

  3. sk at | | Reply

    horrible dress and hair.

  4. kumar at | | Reply

    She kinda looks like khloe kardashian

  5. spongy at | | Reply

    Ahh..I love her look. Guess you guys are getting old or may be have adopted a policy of disliking 99% of the things you see.

  6. priya at | | Reply

    i think she looks great.

  7. D at | | Reply

    i think she looks beautiful, barring the outfit! love the curls!

  8. zoooooni at | | Reply

    i thinks she looks nice ..love the hair !!!!

  9. Boozie at | | Reply

    At least mention how pretty she looks! Ok the silver bow is unnecessary but she looks gorgeous! Love the hair and make up!

    1. jiji at | | Reply

      Couldn’t agree more! She loves lovely, only thing is that bow on the dress which needs to be pulled off!

  10. meria at | | Reply

    hmm… not that bad

  11. renee009 at | | Reply

    i think she looks hot…wid dat hair she looks just fab…da dress i agree cud hav been better….

  12. charan at | | Reply

    Oh my god!! This dress is for a 5 yr old!

  13. FallenAngel at | | Reply

    the bow kinda sticks out.. but Preity’s looking too lovely to complain about it <3
    i love her hair, it seems like those Dil Chahta Hai days :)) i feel that it suits her better than straight hair..

  14. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Thanks to her pretty face, its not wtheyy.

  15. dp at | | Reply

    that’s her dil chahta hai hair! cute!

  16. farah at | | Reply

    nothing wrong with the look . she looks gorgeous.

  17. diptiN at | | Reply

    her hair and make up are OK, the dress is a look for a 16 year old. I have been to a number of Adolfo Dominguez stores in Spain and do not care for his clothes, very inconsistent, once in a while you find something great.

  18. joyti at | | Reply

    Looks like a desperate attempt to relive the Old Dil Chahte Hai glory.

  19. mary at | | Reply

    ooooh wanting preity back in curls a la Dil Chahta Hai has been in my wish list for a long time. but the overall look is a major downer.

  20. Sunara at | | Reply

    im a pretty big preity fan n after ages im loving her look!i dnt have much compliments n her straight hair look now a days..so that curly hair is fab! looks perfect 4 her!
    well i dnt like the dress..but who cares she looks very pretty..

  21. preee at | | Reply

    i think she is looking really cute..

  22. sinlesschocolate at | | Reply

    I’d like to tear off that bow and stick it on the nearest easter bunny that I see…

  23. rm at | | Reply

    She looks nice! What’s wrong?

  24. Maze at | | Reply

    The bow makes it look like it belongs on a child.

  25. sancho at | | Reply

    really like it….

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