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  1. Tina at | | Reply

    You guys are kidding, right?! SHE LOOKS FAB!

  2. Shuchi at | | Reply

    I do like this. The white Gucci was fab but this isn’t bad either. It looks simple and elegant.

  3. Slc at | | Reply

    HHC you guys are merciless. She’s playing it safe, and frankly, she looks nice.

  4. angl at | | Reply

    she is glowing and this look is FLAWLESS!!!

  5. Sej at | | Reply

    I think she looks nice – understated is sometimes more and better IMO.

  6. Mel at | | Reply

    This looks blue..
    Either way, she looks good!

  7. diptiN at | | Reply

    she looks great, elegant, LOVE the neckline of the gown, beautiful earrings, fabulous clutch, love the hair and make up so location and event appropriate.

  8. Clueless at | | Reply

    Oh come on! She looks great :)

  9. Ratna at | | Reply

    It’s so Angelina Jolie.

  10. kumar at | | Reply

    She looks great!

  11. SS at | | Reply

    She looks lovely. There is nothing dull about this appearance.

  12. Agam at | | Reply

    Is it just me or does she look different?

  13. reema rege at | | Reply

    Looks like Navy blue? no?
    I think Preity looks good here – The pulled back hair makes her look eons younger, so tired of all the ladies in pin straight hair!!!!

  14. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Isn’t it blue? I think the color is fab on her. She looks good.

  15. Lola at | | Reply

    Are you joking? She looks ravishing.

  16. mohit at | | Reply

    this is def a g&n. looks absolutely fab. elegant and timeless. well done preity.

  17. Sally at | | Reply

    Preity looks pretty.

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