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  1. Juhi at | | Reply

    Oh much better than Vogue. She looks good….infact one of the rare times that the dress is looking better on the star than on the ramp.

  2. Rashmi at | | Reply

    i like this better than vogue but it seems like her face has been made thinner with special effects…photoshopped?

  3. spee at | | Reply

    Here preity looks mucho better. Her look on vogue was so blah..

  4. noove at | | Reply

    wooooooow love her look .. the dress better than the model ..
    the hair style look cute
    she is look pretty woman

  5. nosh at | | Reply

    I love the dress. Too bad she’s so airbrushed on that cover that it barely looks like her.

  6. pdaevo at | | Reply

    it does barely look like her, Vouge is more Preity and this is more Photoshop
    She looks amazingly tall though

  7. jaishree at | | Reply

    I love her look-the hair piled on top, the flowing dress, its stunning.
    As for vogue, the look was not even close to this.

  8. Belle at | | Reply

    i like the dark lipstick…she normally wears pale…so a nice change

  9. Hema at | | Reply

    Preity looks so different in this cover . I prefer her make up for the filmfare cover and the dress for the vogue cover.

  10. stylo at | | Reply

    fabulous ………… and i love that, preity rocked this time

  11. Chevalier at | | Reply

    Oooh, I love both….canNOT pick just one. This woman is GOOD

  12. Nadia at | | Reply

    She definitely looks better here than she did in Vogue. Ironic since the latter is a fashion magazine! I really love how she changes her look successfully so often…a true fashionista!

  13. Ricebunny at | | Reply

    Her FF is way better than the Vogue one. Love G&N dresses!

  14. Malini at | | Reply

    much better than vogue.. she looks so nice here.. than vogue cover:)

  15. JK at | | Reply

    looking so much better here!!! she looked nice in both but gotta love her in this dress – and we all though vogue would have the better air brushing, hehe we were wrong!!

  16. Nick at | | Reply

    NOW…. look at her in this photograph.

    She looks good when styled. I liked Vogue and I like this look too…. I think she takes on better than the model on the ramp.

  17. leena at | | Reply

    the vogue cover is ethereal

  18. Raspberry at | | Reply

    Love the vogue cover…but this one tops it man..

  19. happy at | | Reply

    well could u post the another pic of preity in flimfare,

  20. Priyanka at | | Reply

    DIVA !!!

  21. Veens at | | Reply

    Oh! Just Perfect. Way Better than Vogue!

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  24. Sam at | | Reply

    Well all in all its just how you work with photoshop…..if U see this dress up close its a nightmare for any design house.

  25. Kiran at | | Reply


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