1. Did the dress finally go on discount? *snicker*

    just kidding.

    Its hard to believe this is the same, sweet and delicate girl from Mohabbatein. Ever since then, she’s always looked so bloated to me.

  2. Well, guys if I’m not mistaken, she kinda fell ill.. some sort of disease that made her bloat up and left some marks on her face..

  3. Ahh..Mrs. Dabbas..she comes off as a chinese desi…anyhoo, that was my first reaction too..that the dress is an almost ditto…i like celebrities like these..they make me so confident of my fashion choices…:) LOL

  4. and why are prom outfits always so ugly ):
    anyways, this looks like the cheap, cheap version of Ash’s dress…and is that net? ITCHY
    well, disease or not, she’s become sort of slutty

  5. not liking the dress – not flattering oh and someone needs to sort out that stringy henna’ed hair – it looks like Kareena before the so called style overhaul and manic dieting


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