One In Every Color?


Unless you’re promoting your own fashion line, we don’t see a reason why anyone should ever be caught wearing the exact same design. We’ll excuse Pratima for now because we think for one, she is wearing her own and for obvious reason, really likes the roomy design.

P.S. Best wishes to the mommy-to-be!

Pratima Bhatia
Left: at Chivas Fashion Studio
Right: At Hello Cup

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. The lady in the 2 photos is the same ????
    Hey when a certain dress fits you well and makes you feel good, there is no fashion rule that you should have the same in 2 colours. I have a some pieces in 2 colours when i love the fit or when there is a “buy 1,get 1 free” offer ;p
    But i wldnt have gotten 2 of this dress though.

  2. She’s wearing the silhouette for obvious reasons but in so many colours? Loaded ladies! I like the green better. For the fact that she is expecting she looks pretty damn good.


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