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  1. lol at | | Reply

    omg what a horrible dress…..she looks preg in it.

  2. debs at | | Reply

    you know…she dresses like and gives off the vibe of a nice unpretentious homebody trying to live up to bollywood expectations.
    Hopefully she will find her niche soon.

    1. pdaervo at | | Reply

      agree…very vanilla-ish

    2. Niki at | | Reply

      Kinda like Vidhya Balan and then she found he niche in Anarkalis. Maybe Prachi will start wearing simple nice sheath dress by prada or something.

  3. ko at | | Reply

    prachi is gorgeous girl… hope she finds new stylist soon… it’s harder when you have not star parents…. gotta work extra hard….

  4. Sej at | | Reply

    Wow that is horrendous and it’s more disappointing because she’s usually not this bad with her outfits. The color and design and worst of all the fitting. No body should wear that. And to think that’s for the launch of a beauty product.

  5. suchi at | | Reply

    awful dress, pretty girl

  6. priya at | | Reply

    I don’t understand why Prachi, in spite of being young, insists on wearing matronly clothes or clothes that add oodles of age and weight to her face/frame.

  7. Keya at | | Reply

    yikes… fugly dress…

  8. Madhu at | | Reply

    Couldn’t agree with you more debs. I really hope that more Bollywood girls can just be bold to make it blaze in our national attire like a salwar kameez or a sari. Just imagine Prachi in a nice well fitted salwar kameez in a lovely color in this event? She might not be resemble a la Megan Fox, but she wouldn’t have been this cringe worthy either.

    You don’t need to wear something that doesn’t suit your personality just because it is in – no that is not fashion. P&P, you’re the numero uno fashionistas (at least I think so), why don’t you guys run a post on your blog here or on MTV or give an interview to educate the modern Indian woman on their own sense of style and fashion. Clearly many people can use your advice.

    Ahh I feel sorry for Prachi, what a lovely face, great talent but sadly succumbing to peer pressure.

  9. padma at | | Reply

    yikes, she looks 30 pounds heavier than last time in that cool t-shirt and jeans and ofcourse the kentaro’s :)

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