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  1. shwetha at | | Reply

    Interesting but the vinyl like (disposable table cloth) sort of skirt fabric is an absolute kill joy, so nope…

    1. Asha at | | Reply

      The skirt on the model looks like leather, and looks elegant. This….not so much.

  2. colormenot at | | Reply

    Not a fan of the skirt! waist up she looks great

  3. P at | | Reply

    I don’t kno who she is and I don’t care this is Gucci. This is a really ugly dress. Red pleather looking material which I’m sure comes from some rare antelope somewhere and corpse bride look at the top.

    1. Avani at | | Reply


  4. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

    Yucks! Hate it!

  5. ab at | | Reply

    ill fitted and ugly outfit

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