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  1. Luna at | | Reply

    GORGEOUS! ? Poorna’s avatar!! Love her make up as well….

  2. kiara at | | Reply

    Wots with hair & makeup.. she looks so ghostly to my eyes…

  3. Rash at | | Reply

    She should fire her make up person now ! and please change that hair.. Its getting her now where.
    As for the dress, it needed the runway belt ! Overall its a pass on ..

  4. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    Girl needs a crash course on right footwear!! Those platform peep-toes are looking extremely weird.
    Lovely color on Poorna’s skin tone. However, the belt on the model finishes the whole look – so, to me it looks a little unfinished. And some lip color would have helped the overall look.

  5. fashionista at | | Reply

    You guys talk such nonsense sometimes.. her face looks radiant and loooove her hair!

  6. Puja at | | Reply

    the material gives a very cheap feeling just by looking at it.. n nothing gr8 about the design.. its like any other dress in ths category..
    adding to it the ghastly makeup n completely wrong footwear..

  7. vee at | | Reply

    Well, that lipcolor is probably not the best for her. She would look younger with sleek hair, too. The shoes are overwhelming her – she’s too delicate for chunky shoes. A necklace could have finished the look.

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