1. she cud have rocked the look with gray pants to match the flowery pattern…in this case, yeah..its match much…although it doesn’t really hurt the eye unlike the ladies in red in your post below…

  2. y do i see poonam dhillon everywhr these days?
    i am blinded by all that white shez wearing, so may B i wont b able 2 SEE her for a while. thank god 4 small mercies.

  3. All the white doesn’t bother me that much. What bothers me are those hideous shoes! Also, the sleeves could have been a little shorter,

  4. when will this woman learn ?!? oh and the mutton dressed as lamb hair has to go – some women can carry off long hair past a certain age but poonam isn’t one of them.

  5. it is such a no-no to pair a kurta top with cropped pants; makes your legs look super short, even on someone tall like poonam dhillon. not to mention the ugly shoes. she would’ve done better (not well, but better) with darker colored pants.


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