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  1. Elegant. at | | Reply

    I’ll go for Joy Mitra. It looks more classy.

  2. Nisha B at | | Reply

    Wow those cinema inspired prints are similar to the prints of Item Numbers’ stuffs..

  3. swapnil at | | Reply

    def JOY MITRA ! the satya paul look is very similar to the print gianni made !!!!

  4. Ina at | | Reply

    Satya paul is obviously for rich ladies with little taste who need a designer to validate their presence at any do.

  5. Rajiv Bhow at | | Reply

    Wearing faces on ur body is a lil creepy no?

  6. mun at | | Reply

    Satya paul is the way to go: bright and resembling a film reel! The joy mitra stuff is classy but it destroys the point of having bollywood on your clothes if u just see a starched white face. It can be anybody’s face, wouldn’t really make a difference.

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