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  1. Astha at | | Reply

    I just loooved the “Moonlike twin-finish diamond studded platinum circles, infinitely linked to form an enchanting bangle orbiting the hand. (Pt.Wt – 23.08 gm / D.Wt – 1.11 ct)”

  2. Sharanya Ramanathan at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’.
    The world calls “special children” very rare. They may be rare, but that only makes them all the more precious! My heart truly finds them very precious and they’re just children that are differently-abled and NOT disabled!

    And oh! I’d love to have these Pt bands (Product code 3424)

    Wedding bands are not necessarily once in a lifetime! I’m married, yes, but would love to exchange these bands on our anniversary or when we renew the vows! :)

  3. epiphany at | | Reply

    To me it means,the most unique thing in the world deserves the appreciation it deserves.It is the beauty that counts not the price.

  4. epiphany at | | Reply

    To me it means,the most unique thing in the world deserves the appreciation it deserves.It is the beauty that counts not the price.
    I would love to get THE-PTKP45 i.e. the one on the left.

  5. Navjyoti at | | Reply

    I would love to have this ring, its so elegant and royal.

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’ – Rarity or scarcity of a thing makes it precious. Lets say water is rare or less then what it should be, it will be precious, similarly if the metal like platinum is scattered all over like stones it will not be precious as it is now.

    We desire something that is rare even more, its human nature, its everybody’s nature.

  6. Renu at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’.

    To me it means True Love –

    People say its rare to find true love, and when you find one – Hold it to your heart.

    The Latest Designs at atPreciousPlatinum.in are awesome
    Platinum men’s chain code 35 is in myWishlist for my Husband.

  7. sonal at | | Reply

    for me this statement means…all precious things are rare or we can say things which are rare are pecious because they are rare…

    i would love to have A remarkably stunning piece with seven loops linked to the bracelet in the centre. <3

  8. Babina Saini at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious

    Often said that true love is rare to find.. I am lucky enough that i found love which is rare to find in todays world and he is precious to me , i treasure him like Platinum

    I found many designs worth splurging on preciousplatinum.in but i cant get over their rings , pure awesomeness , PTK4 is really nice and feminine

    The lovebands they have are just so timeless , i loved PTK 72-73

    I would love buying their platinum studded oval bangle , Code 81


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  10. sh at | | Reply

    ….The way is not in the Paths. The way is in the heart …

  11. Mansi Goel at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’.

    Ans: “As eternal and rare as our TRUE LOVE is, it becomes more precious and most valuable to our lives”. A unique and enduring bond of togetherness can be related to the above statement. It has been explained below with some real feelings:

    So near, yet so far
    What the world calls rare
    My heart finds it precious
    And travels on the air

    Touch, is a prime sense.
    At you; my mind says it offense.
    I have connected at first instance.
    My molecules have started dance.

    I put me under your notice.
    Your friendship provides me peace.
    This grew faster than time-
    and deeper than a mother’s kiss.

    My times have become yours.
    Our closeness, nervous me more…
    Put me in confusion of right or wrong.
    With fear, my rainbow fainted and blur.

    May you say yes or a big no?
    These hesitations do not allow me to go.
    With you I prefer to stay happy…
    But, this haziness keeps me a low.

    I love you and adore your friendship.
    My feelings have been kept in tighten lip.
    One word may create the difference…
    I can never want to lose your grip.

    So near, yet so far
    Where I am and what is the par?
    Suggest me how to deal-
    With this love, Isqh and pyar vyar?

  12. sh at | | Reply

    …. The way is not in the Paths, The way is in the Heart …

    I would LOVE to have The Platinum men’s studded Ring band ( Product code 32 ) for my hubby … ADORE IT !

  13. Priyanka at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’

    Just like platinum, some relationships are rare to see and precious still. Which is why I would want to seal my marriage with a platinum ring. It truly resonates with the idea of marriage or the relationship itself being something that will last for ever.. untouched by time, pure and truly precious.

    I love the first pendant (round) which has a creeper growing symbolizing growth and prosperity. It has a ‘tree of wish’ like feel to it. The diamonds add to the appeal. Its idea to wear to work on an evening out with friends :)

    *fingers crossed* – hoping to win ! xoxo

  14. Rashmi Bhat at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’ – means much about LOVE to me. True love I believe comes once in lifetime, it should be treasured with utmost care and passion! It should be valued and never let go off.

    I’d love to have one of the Platinum love bands. I have never worn rings, but these Platinum rings have caught my fancy since I have seen the ads on tv.

  15. D'Cunha at | | Reply

    Everything that is precious to the heart is always rare..unconditional love, trust, faith, family, friends who become family and most things which are valuable to an individual..

    The platinum piece I would love to own is the Riverdance Necklace

  16. D'Cunha at | | Reply

    Everything that is precious to the heart is always rare..unconditional love, trust, faith, family, friends who become family and most things which are valuable to an individual..

    The platinum piece I would love to own is the Riverdance Necklace

    P.S: Leaving a comment without the link

  17. Meenakshy at | | Reply

    For me, its the inner beauty which is often missed out or ignored ‘What the world calls rare’ and, The small little details that one does not miss when in love or is passionate about something, just like the finish in PreciousPlatinum.in jewelry, which ‘my heart finds precious’.
    I will be lucky if I get to have the PTKE33

  18. Sonam at | | Reply


    For me this statement instantly meant the joy of buying a small yet special piece of jewelry that maybe rare and expensive for the world but certainly precious to me (not in a materialistic way) but because of the happiness of being able to buy one on my own :)
    I would love to have the Platinum textured band with micro-prong set diamonds someday. Its absolutely stunning!(Code 95)


  19. Ritu at | | Reply

    It means my heart adores the rarest metal platinum especially when it combines with the girls best friend diamond.
    I wud love to have -The Platinum Flower Pendant code PTF58:-)

  20. Dia at | | Reply

    I have always wanted to own platinum rings coz i’ve heard they make the wearer thin :). But on an different note… My heart always found platinum precious coz its definitely rare and at the same time so precious.
    I would so love to have you Platinum love bands

  21. aparna b at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’: Love.

    Liked the below 2 earrings:

    Platinum flower earrings with prong set diamonds in a hi-polish finish

    A dangling earring set crafted in platinum into delicate floral form, holding prong set diamonds

  22. Jessica at | | Reply

    World says honest people are rare, I find them precious.

  23. Syed at | | Reply

    For some strange reason, this statement always reminds me of Shakespeare’s sonnet # 130 (“My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun…”) Although the context here is so different. Just as I adore the bard for being so awesome and priceless, I heart platinum for everything it is – elegant, uncommon, unique, subtle, beautiful, and cherished forever.

    …and of course I’d give anything to own the entire collection, but to name a few must-haves – the platinum and diamond necklace – code 44, earrings – code 73, bracelet – code PTB120, bangles – code 49, solitaire ring – code 87, love bands – PTK5-6, and pendant – PTK131

  24. Nupur Dhankani at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’.
    Just like platinum the people in our lives are rare, precious and irreplaceable for us. You may find others but nothing can hold the same place in your heart, their worth is beyond compare. Some relationships, just like platinum are eternal.

    I would love to have the Riverdance Necklace from preciousplatinum .in. It’s just so beautiful.

  25. Richa Yadav at | | Reply

    ‘My Husband’.

    and my favourite design is PTSP12

  26. Ambrin Akhtar at | | Reply

    This statement to me is all about love…. true love, so rare and immensely precious. Also, being a girl, it means diamonds, and of course platinum… rare substances, but would be so precious to me. Of course, if they signify someone’s love they become all the more precious. :)

  27. dulumani at | | Reply

    ” Noting is rare when it comes to my world of imagination , because what rare for other is, just an another dream for me…
    a virgin dream on the way to consummation!!!”

  28. Usha at | | Reply

    “What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious”
    One of the rarest elements on Earth,little silver of the Pinto river,Antonio de Ulloa’s discovery..what the world calls rarest of the rare..that little white metal piece would be the most precious thing I would own if you guys gift me with that pendant.

    This is the design I would love to own from PreciousPlatinum.in

    A dangling earring set crafted in platinum into delicate floral form, holding prong set diamonds (platinum wt:10.14gms; diamond wt;0.50cts)

  29. Haem at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’.

    The statement just brings love to mind. Love for someone special, or even love for something special. The world may think it is rare, that you may still find but a few more like it, but for my heart, there is just the one. Nothing is as precious, nothing is as close to me, because only I know the value of that someone, that something. Memories, moments and more are attached, and that is what turn the rare into priceless, into precious, into mine.

    There are so many lovely designs… sigh. But if I have to choose, I will pick these two. A lovely flower pendant that is just as stunning with both western and indian wear, both formal and casual wear. And earrings that bring alive any outfit and of course match the pendant too.
    Codes: PTF58 and PTKE23.

  30. supriya at | | Reply

    1. Platinum and more Platinum
    2. PTS23

  31. wishesgalore at | | Reply

    It is “true love” which the world finds rare, as in today’s world as they say its not love but money that goes around but this is the most precious thing in the world.

    i loved the necklace with code PTS48.

    fingers crossed..

  32. crack at | | Reply

    These guys are actually giving platinum pendants? hhc is really going places!
    I woud love to have riverdance necklace wrapped aroung my neck…
    for me ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’ means nothing but true love…rare but precious for those who have it

  33. bellatrix at | | Reply

    An exceedingly DUMB line……………..

  34. archana at | | Reply

    “What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious” means”unconditional love”

    Product I love in the latest design is

  35. Jaya at | | Reply

    It means that I want to be lucky enough to have that rare thing which would be very very precious to me especially if given by someone special :)

    I would love to own the studded Platinum love band for me and my eternal(really hope) love :)

  36. Disha Kaushal at | | Reply

    The statement means that one can never put a price tag to what the heart truly values…

  37. Aprajita at | | Reply

    It means Platinum makes me beautiful and makes me feel loved.. I would love to have all the design on the website, esp the love bands.:)

  38. Ketaki Misra at | | Reply

    To me the statement means that while the world may desire something only for its monetary value, I value it for reasons that are close to the heart, such a heartfelt longing to possess that thing. The design I like best is a pendant which is shaped like a honeycomb and is set with diamonds

  39. Koel at | | Reply

    The heart is naturally attracted to lovely things in short abundance!

  40. BG at | | Reply

    Diamond and platinum pendant – code :53 is really pretty. Modern yet classy. I would definitely love to have it!

  41. Asima at | | Reply

    True love:) rarely found in ths world….n once found by the heart..becums precious for it eternally:) And code 92:)……..sighhhhhhhhhhh:)

  42. devina at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’….would be something SOLID,something SENSUAL with a touch of ETHEREALNESS…that would last forever…

    P.S : would love to have the platinum pendant with the climber inside. ;)

  43. Dips at | | Reply

    Angie sure got a lot of flak for her pose, lol. Wish there was a way to id her lipstick. Love it!

  44. anushka khurana at | | Reply

    For me platinum is something I’ve always wanted to have but my parents discarded it thinking its not as precious as gold.but i always desperately wanted to own a piece of it.and I’m sure I’ll definitely.As I’m married now.so my favourite from platinum collection are the love bands….truly precious as my husband.

  45. Priya at | | Reply

    The statement can only mean 2 things diamonds and platinum.
    What a great combination.
    The design I liked the most was Matt and high polish necklace code is PTUN53

  46. Padma at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’

    My beloved husband….a man with qualities that are rare in today’s world….he is precious to my heart!

  47. LavanyaP at | | Reply

    The unconditional support my husband gives me by respecting my dreams, the strength of character he shows by not wishing to change me in any way, the silent companionship he provides by never expecting anything in return – all this by simply being true to himself!
    – these are traits the world finds rare and my heart finds most precious!

  48. achina konar at | | Reply

    rare things are not always close to our heart but platinum is because of its purity and elegance…..

  49. Sharmi Nair at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’
    This reminds me of how my husband finds me unique, and precious- the way I feel about him too..

    My fav product is:

  50. Pavithra at | | Reply

    “What the world calls rare….. ” . Anything rare needs to be cherished as the most precious thing in the world.. and that’s what I would do. Absolutely love the platnium rings , in love with them :)

  51. Anu at | | Reply

    Why only India? :(

  52. khush shah at | | Reply

    What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious are mums my mum n her mum they are irreplaceable.

  53. nishtha at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’ is my relationship with my sister. id love to have the leaf pendant on the left. LOVE it

  54. payal at | | Reply

    “What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious”..this statemmet relates to me just like ‘Riverdance Platinum Necklace’ does to me…
    also i’d luv to have ‘Riverdance Platinum Necklace’ offered by PreciousPlatinum.in…

  55. Aditi at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’

    Things that are rare are seldom met with or occurring , unusual , hard to chance upon – A great friendship, a beautiful face , a lovely generous heart , a soul mate, good times, great holidays,heirloom jewellery and platinum ofcourse .

    And all these rare things I find precious , I crave for them and once I have them I guard them with my life because I know whats rare is precious , its precious because its unusually excellent and valuable and so hard to find!

    And platinum is rare ,tis one of the rarest elements in the Earth’s crust and thats why its precious and eternal – a thing of beauty that lasts until forever and more!

    And I’d love to buy the textured hoop earrings Code :PTF26

  56. Kripa Rao at | | Reply

    ‘TRUE LOVE’ is what the world calls rare..The statement ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’ symbolises ‘TRUE LOVE ‘to me ..True love is something where a person gives without any expectations..My heart treasures the true love given to me given by my parents and my hubby dearest. Be it a simple dress or a luxurious jewellery, my heart finds it precious when given with the feeling of love..

  57. Aditi Kumavat at | | Reply

    A thing is declared rare because of an exquisite quality that is exceptional. And anything that is rare has every reason to be treasured because of this very quality. Therefore, whatever the world calls rare, my heart finds precious.

    I’d like to own the delicately crafted platinum ear rings (Code 57). They have a unique shape which is uncannily similar to a ear ring from Padmalakshmi’s jewellery collection at Bergdorf-Goodman.

  58. Kripa Rao at | | Reply

    I would love to have the code 78 platinum necklace for its elegant and a classy look…

  59. Anurag Mittal at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’.

    It means to me

    “Rare is when one glance is a joy forever,
    Precious is what brings back your smile,
    When pure is the essence, beautiful is the guise!”

    I would love to have PTG-60 Pendant among the latest collection.

    Hopeing to win.


  60. Shruti at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’

    Like the author Nicholas Sparks has written in his book Message in a Bottle, ““True love is rare, and it’s the only thing that gives life real meaning.”

    I’ve been lucky to have married to my true love for 4 months now and I can feel the bond between us getting stronger and more meaningful with each day. I am lucky to have found the rarity that is true love and I cherish this treasure with all my heart.

    While browsing the PreciousPlatinum website, I was struck by the number of simple, strong but beautiful designs that let the platinum and diamonds speak for themselves. Some of these pieces are truly timeless and everlasting, just like true love.

  61. Merlin at | | Reply

    There are only few moments one can enjoy in their life…it is always precious and rare!!!! same way platinum is for me…rarest things are meant to enjoy in life :))

    I would love to have PTPE31- Pair of platinum earrings :)

  62. Gunjan Jain at | | Reply

    When the world talks abt something being rare..it talks about its economic value..but when the same is gifted to you by your loved ones it holds a sentimental value that makes it”precious” or even priceless…these jewelries will soon become heirlooms in India. they are so beautiful,elegant,feminine.I would love to own platinum studded oval bangle(code:49)

  63. Jahnavi Chakravarty at | | Reply

    A piece of precious platinum around my neck, near my heart, with each beat reminding me that each moment in life is as precious as platinum, and true love as just as rare. I see the love of those precious moments in the rarity of platinum.
    The designs closest to my heart are:
    Platinum Solitaire Ring (code 64)
    Platinum petals earrings with pave set diamonds in a hi-polish finish (code 57)

  64. lakshmi prabhu at | | Reply


    What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious-Platinum jewellery that makes me feel wow ! and stops a beat in my heart and everlasting love in life.

    I would like to have this from Precious Platinum-in Oval Bangles
    A set of 3 bangles, curvy, spiral and round.

    Thanks you High Heal Confidential :) amazing ..

  65. Divya Taneja at | | Reply

    The rarest of things in the world is what i possess.
    what i possess, i preserve.
    what i preserve, is precious to me!

  66. lakshmi prabhu at | | Reply


    What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious-Platinum jewellery that makes me feel wow ! and stops a beat in my heart and everlasting love in life.

    I would like to have this from Precious Platinum-in Oval Bangles
    A set of 3 bangles, curvy, spiral and round.

    Thanks you HighHeelConfidential :) amazing .. love u

  67. Reshma at | | Reply

    Something that is unusual is always appealing as its uncommon and is surrounded by mystique!

    I am liking most of the oval looking pendants with diamonds they have on the website even the one on your display… PTUP 38 being my fav.

    The bracelets are also pretty.

  68. Anubha at | | Reply

    The Crescent moon pendant took my breath away . Product ID 3542

  69. Mona Sharma at | | Reply

    What the world calls rare
    My heart finds precious,
    What the world calls jewel
    Makes me feel really special.

  70. Sweta Saraf at | | Reply

    So after a week of fluffy hearts and teddy bears, how about some Precious Giveaways..Well ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’ means what i got will somehow always b less important than what i want…;) So its precious for me..

  71. priya at | | Reply

    Platinum is like true love….very rare and truly precious!

  72. Prerna at | | Reply

    What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious
    This means to me that my husband is precious.. i always thought that he is a rare specie :)

    i woudl love to own PTS 47. so elegant and smart.. can be worn on sarees and dresses.. in office and weddings.. looove it

  73. priya at | | Reply

    contd.. I would loooove to have Platinum love bands code 63 so that my husband and I can mark our platinum day of love on our wedding anniversary!

  74. Karuna at | | Reply

    To me something is precious if it is rare; like friendship. Guarantees you a lifetime of smiles and support, so rare that should you receive it, hold on to this precious gift as it speaks the language of the heart.

  75. Parul at | | Reply

    “Precious” is a word which has a more emotions than “rare” and thats truly what Platinum jewelry stands for. Even though the whole world thinks Platinum is a “rare” metal, I choose to wear it since it is jewelry that is precious to me- it is dear to me and I have a special relationship with it.. its not simply rare and expensive – it is treasured and much loved…

    The two items that I have been eyeing for a while are 63 (platinum solitaire ring) and PTP15-16

  76. Jas at | | Reply

    World says rare = they can buy it if they can get their hands on it
    I say precious = it’s one and the only one for me which is not up for sale.

  77. Deepti shetty at | | Reply

    It means that in my case my heart and mind dont co-ordinate.What the world would call rare and expensive and would want to just admire I would want to make it mine.And that is exactly why am always shopping!!!!

    1. Deepti shetty at | | Reply

      I would love to have one of the following:- PT131,PTK132,PTS65,PTSP12,PTD61,PTF87

  78. Mallika at | | Reply

    The statement reminds me of this quote: “Among Life’s precious jewels, genuine and rare, The one that we call friendship has worth beyond compare.” Finding true friends in this world is so very rare, and true friendship is what my heart finds most precious!

    My favorite design from the latest range is the neck piece made of circular platinum pieces with prong-set diamonds (product code is PTS48). Couldn’t take my eyes off this piece!

  79. Nirupama at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’ could mean only one thing to all women “diamonds studded in platinum… all the items at Precious Platinum are to die for…difficult to pick just one…but if I have to I would choose Tad 10 earrings, PTJ103 ring, PTJ10 bracelets and many more…

  80. shobha at | | Reply

    My kids care for their health, they eat right and exercise, my friends find it rare and so ‘adult like’.. I find it precious and smart :)

  81. Suchitra Govindarajan at | | Reply

    ~~ A thing of uncommon beauty may well enchant the world, but I look for that secret, intimate connection, that locking of our gazes that tells me we are both in love.
    ~~ I would like to have the pendant featured on the left, the one with the fern climber design.

  82. Pooja Vijayvargiya at | | Reply

    1. ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’- I don’t go by what the world says. I have my own style statement. I am not defined by the obvious. I set my own trends. Something may be ordinary to the others, but it may be precious to me: I don’t go by the clisches. I have my own identity: I look beyong the surface, I look at the details.
    2. Design I’d love to have:

    FROM THE PENDANTS SECTION : “An inspiration from Grecian art forms, with versatile platinum sculpted into thin wires holding diamonds securely to create a magnificient pendant”

  83. eram ahmed at | | Reply

    I wud lv to hv a pair of oval earrings.TAD10.
    Every person is unique and hs an individual style n choices.
    So for me its important to be unique n to b one of a kind so that i wont gt lost in the crowd n hv my own value n mark.
    So that statement means that whatever is rare n is hard to get n nt quite common is one in a million n that is what i find precious
    n unmatchable just lk platinum which is a lot lk me:)
    rare n one in a milliom.

  84. Anuja at | | Reply

    I like their lova band collection the best

  85. Anuja at | | Reply

    I meant love band not lova

  86. Sindhu Gururaj at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’ – is the
    platinum, obviously:)

    I love the pendent – code 85, this reminds me of the national flower of India, the lotus.

    Earrings – Code 68, Its a classic and you can wear it on ethnic as well as the modern stuff. It will take you gracefully to your old age too.

  87. Vrushali at | | Reply

    For me the sentence “What the world calls rare….my heart finds precious” means I follow my own heart…my own calling. Love, faith, and honesty might be rare to the world, however for me, these values are precious!!

    1. Vrushali at | | Reply

      Since i am my husband are apart right now, when we will be together, i would one day like to have “Platinum Love Bands™ studded on the edges with 0.23cts diamonds for her and 0.36cts for him.” as a unifying gift for the two of us!!

      Symbolic of our love….rare and precious :)

  88. Vinita Choudhary at | | Reply

    My 6 year old taking care of me when I am unwell even with a headache..Precious!

  89. Annie John at | | Reply

    The decision to invest in platinum diamond jewellery vs traditiona yellow/white gold in itself makes the purchase of a platinum piece truly precious and rare- an Indian woman wearing platinum in today’s society symbolises a woman who is unafraid to make her own choices and stand apart from the rest. The choice of jewellery itself showcases her preference for simple elegance over loud glamour- a truly rare fashion choice synonymous with the rarity of platinum.

    I like PTKP45- the string of leaves and the simple circular design appeal to my preference for simple,understated elegant jewellery

  90. Honey at | | Reply

    Platinum, for me, represents what is best about womanhood- strength, beauty and uniqueness. Each of us have a “special something” that makes us truly deserving of a token of something equally precious, rare and eternal. Something that crystallizes our essence in its most striking form. Something like platinum jewellery :)
    This is also the first design I saw on this site, and I immediately fell in love with it. I love the “circle of life” concept, and this is a lovely interpretation of the same.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. Anu at | | Reply

    What the world calls rare… my heart finds precious.

    The statement to me means, I desire all things beautiful. And when the object of desire is a rare beauty embodying treasured emotions, the yearning is highest

  92. S Kumar at | | Reply

    ‘What the e world calls rare…my heart finds precious’ is the
    smile on my baby’s face when she see me!

    Love the overlapping leaves PTS65 pendant

  93. Mona Sharma at | | Reply

    Hi I would like to have PTF87. Cheers!! Eagerly waiting to win the pendant:)

  94. Zaardinah at | | Reply

    What is it about Brad Pitt that renders his women incapable of colour!

  95. shruti at | | Reply

    WOW.. they have some REALLY cool pieces. Well the statement as per my perception says that somethings are hard to find and that is why they are dear to us, just like your true love, diamonds and lovely parents/family. And from their unique platinum deigns, i especially loved platinum and diamond earrings code 74. All the best to all other readers, this giveaway is indeed awesome. :)

  96. Pallavi at | | Reply

    It mean to me that I own something so rare that I shall treasure it with all my heart, just like my love – rare and precious.

    I liked productid=3199 – Delicate platinum pendant in matt finish holding diamond in channel set. Very chic.

  97. Sonali Misra at | | Reply

    Time is a rare commodity today and “me time” is what my heart finds precious, time to stop to smell the roses, feel the sun on my skin, feel the caress of a refreshing breeze…

    I’d love to own the platinum leaf pendant (PTF70). The beautiful craftsmanship makes it look like its has been painstakingly created with an eye for detail and looking at it makes you want to make time for the simpler pleasures of life – nature.

  98. shab at | | Reply

    For me, Precious is ‘true love’ which is rare to find and similar to pure platinum which becomes precious as it is rare to find.
    I love the toned down natural color of platinum and it would be great to have the piece on the left hand side symbolising evolution of beauty within natural boundaries

  99. Tee at | | Reply

    My younger sister is a great example for young women everywhere. Simply because she followed her heart. She found what she loved to do at an early age and kept doing it. Now at 23 she and her business have been featured in many magazines and newspapers. She made a success out of it. Its ‘rare’ to find someone who’s made a living out of following their dream.How many of us have left a childhood wishes behind. Incidentally her name is Nadya which means ‘ precious’ and she is to all of us. <3

  100. Divya at | | Reply

    World’s rarest token of love for an extremely precious heart.Few are precious coz they are rare.Its the rare that we keep safe coz they bring a precious mening to our existence.Love being the rare and thus precious.

  101. Shalu Gupta at | | Reply

    If the only place where I could see you was in my dreams, I’d sleep forever…
    Me and my husband live apart because of the nature of his job..but our love has strengthened each day even with the distance. World thinks that out of sight is out of mind and we have proven it wrong..and we are proud of it!

    The statement-“What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious” essays our relationship.
    And to make our love immortal, I would choose “.Platinum Love Band, Code:PTJX25-26”!

    Love and be loved all of you :)

    Happy Holi all of you!

  102. Pallavi B at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’

    Somethings are a level above the rest.When the altitude increases,the air gets thinner and everything rarer….Only the test of time qualifies the supreme to reach the highest level. And because its so difficult but not impossible anything which has reached here is close to my heart. For you its rare…for me precious.

    Out of all the lovely designs, I would love to take away with me the diamond cluster with delicate chains holding platinum droplets pendant. Dainty and achingly beautiful. Needless to say rare and precious too ;)

  103. Pooja at | | Reply

    Its rare for me to participate in online contests but I just read the statement and it evoked such an emotional response I had to write in.

    “What the world finds rare… my heart finds precious”.

    This to me defines my 2 yr old autistic daughter. Its been a tough year since I found out but every single day my darling does something that makes me realize more n more… the world may feel she is not ‘normal’ – but when I see the world from her eyes I realise the world needs to be more like her. She’s precious in more ways than anyone can imagine – me included – and more precocious than we give her credit for. She’s redefining life for us – teaching us to appreciate the little things, laude the smallest achievements, take problems with a pinch of salt and above all – enjoy every moment that we have because like someone just told me – “There is no path to happiness – happiness IS the path”.


    Autism is not a disease – it is a difference.

  104. Swati Sapna at | | Reply

    “What the world calls rare… my heart finds precious” – for me these words symbolize every human being’s search for true love.

    Yes, everlasting love is rare. But once you find it, its not a bed of roses either! you have to treasure it, nurture it and let it grow in an atmosphere filled with understanding, compassion and companionship. Just like you would treasure and cherish something precious!
    Platinum to me, is just like true love… rare, beautiful and precious.

    I do not own any platinum jewellery yet, and what I would really love is a set of Platinum Love Bands with channel set diamonds for me and the love of my life – my husband :)

    The other thing I’m totally lusting after, is the gorgeous Moonlike twin-finish diamond studded platinum circles, infinitely linked to form an enchanting bangle orbiting the hand. Its absolutely ravishing!

  105. Suma at | | Reply

    This statememnt “‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’. means to me that in life it is very difficult and rare to get a good friendship or lover or for that matter friends or family with whom you can share a A unique blend of affection, loyalty, love, respect, trust which makes it loads of fun and such people should be kept very close to one’s heart without letting them go away.

    I would love to have the Platinum flower earrings with prong set diamonds in a hi-polish finish

  106. Suma at | | Reply

    oops–forgot to mention the code . it is Code is PTS39

  107. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Hi, Please let us know when the contest will close

  108. Deepti at | | Reply

    In these busy times, I find the rare times I get to spend time with my loved ones to be precious, even if it be doing something really simple. Which is also why I love this simple pendant code 52.

  109. Pallavi at | | Reply

    A soft pat on my head and goodnight kiss on cheek by dad, an early morning hug and the perfect cup of tea by mom (which I, by the way could never perfect, not quite), mindless chatter with bro, concern, love and happiness overflowing, early morning call by my sweetheart, a sigh followed by “I missed you sunshine, good morning :*”, time to read books, in a blessed garden, stove top cooking with the aromas of simmering delicacies wafting, freedom, an opportunity to follow my heart, belief and faith- simple given stuff if you don’t pause and watch, yet rare to find in today’s world, absolutely precious to my heart… My cup runneth over, all I want now is the beautiful pendant code 67, the full circle of life with a peaceful centre

  110. Mugdha Dokhale at | | Reply

    What the world calls rare,
    is some time to stop and stare.

    With the world running around,
    Some leisure is nowhere to be found.

    Just being in a lazy zone,
    I love that little time alone,

    Where I can let out the me so vivacious,
    That time my heart finds precious.

    Thats why I loved the pendant code 83, because it looks a bit like a bird taking flight.

  111. Arati at | | Reply

    “What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious”

    For me, this relates to our environment. I am interested in conservation of endangered species and rare-to-find plants. These are rare, but an important link in the chain of life on Mother Earth and hence very, very precious.

    I would love to have the drop earrings (code PTUE2)..really very pretty!

  112. Priyanka at | | Reply

    Havent stopped drooling over the pendants! PTI131 looks lovely too. Though, the climber pendant is probably more wearable on a daily basis. PTUB38 looks edgy. PTS65 is suave.

    I hope I get to win one of these..

  113. Rashi at | | Reply

    Unveiling of a new house, as a couple steps on the porch, a day before the grand function that they have arranged, they look together at the home of their dreams, where they will spend their life, raise a family, grow old together, the husband slips a ring on his wife’s finger, commemorating the start of their new life, in the rare moment that a tear drops from his eye, the wife understands exactly how precious this moments is…
    For this rare (once in a lifetime!) and precious occasion, i would love a platinum solitaire ring code 92.

  114. Chaits at | | Reply

    ‘What the world calls rare…my heart finds precious’.

    While the world celebrates occasions, I indulge in an everyday love affair.

    :) and I found just the sparkle for an indulgent love affair in – Platinum and diamond earrings code is 68

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