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    she looks awesome. thankfully no boobies being brandished about. the colourful and vibrant sari is appropriate for tv awards. one doesn’t need to be revealing to prove one has a good figure. a nice and simple outfit should do that job for you (please note amisha).

    1. koel at | | Reply

      I agree ! No boob show and still looks sexy , great saree color, great makeup , great jewelery and such a great smile. Love the blouse also.

      I will even forgive the cell phone on her hand ;-)

      1. SK at | | Reply

        gawd yes!
        hate the booby showing fashion.

    2. belle_desse at | | Reply

      I’m asking you this completely sincerely, not trying to be sarcastic or snarky: HOW can a woman’s sari be vulgar just because it’s draped in the middle of the blouse? Isnt the blouse covering her chestt anyway? To me, that’s like saying you need a scarf over a tee to look decent

      1. belle_desse at | | Reply

        P.S : I love the sari + the earrings. She looks gorg

        1. kaya at | | Reply

          It’s not so much about covering up but being classy. There’s an etiquette to each garment and an aesthetic it requires to be worn optimally.

          The fact that someone goes out of their way to drape the blouse in the middle (unless it falls that way) clearly sends the message that they wish have half the blouse on display. Which sends a semi vulgar vibe…

          The entire essence and beauty of the sari is in a sense of mystery and subtlety.

          The most minimalistic of minimalistic clothing; a bikini is fine by me in the correct circumstance and with the right attitude and élan but a cropped T shirt or a super short skirt or dress doesn’t mesh with my aesthetic.

          I hope this clears some of what you thought :)

          1. belle_desse at |

            okay, so basically its the trying too hard vibe?

            I think I get it, the cropped top parallel works

            and also I think you are the only person who got what I was trying to say! :-)

          2. Swapna at |

            I totally agree with you Kaya…well said! The essence of a sari in the mystery and subtlety …. Exactly !!!!

          3. SK at |

            agreed … ash @ filmfare – now that booby style – like ;)
            but most end up looking like bar girls…

          4. kasthuri at |

            Totally agree with you. There is a way each piece of clothing is to be worn. The saree draped in the middle of ur chest is just shouting cheap and desperate.
            Besides, the way a Tee shows your boobs is way different than how it shows in a blouse.

      2. koel at | | Reply

        What ??

        @belle_dresse , I am a little confused here… Are you commenting on my post or @Mia’s ???

        In my post – I am comparing this draping with Ameesha’s (and that blue thing on her was not a blouse it was more like a bikini top !). You are entitled to your opinion but I really find that a little “Trying too hard to look sexy” look. As I said earlier, you do not need to cover your chest completely to look decent bit at the same time you do not need to be too provocative to look glamorous or sexy.

        BTW- Scarf/ tee is a completely different outfit from a saree and blouse. Now, are you suggesting that since people normally don’t wear scarves over tees, a saree pallu is redundant over a blouse? This is a sincere question as I am totally not getting your point here…

        1. belle_desse at | | Reply

          I was commenting on Mia’s post not yours

          And about the scar and tee thing, I’m just saying I dont understand it is VULGAR, I get that it’s differenet from the norm so it looks ‘odd’ but how is it indecent?

          That was my point of comparing it with the tee

          1. belle_desse at |

            Sorry, spelling errors galore:

            Basically, I was saying the blouse covers you up anyway so how is it vulgar if the sari is draped mid blouse?
            I was never commenting on the asthethic appeal of the draping, just the vulgarity.

            That was the point of the t-shirt/ sari parallel: the t shirt covers your chest, so does the blouse. If a sari needs to be draped OVER the blouse to ensure decency then is a t-shirt indecent because there is no second layer of fabric covering your chest?

            By the way, no offense, just curious. I like the traditional drape myself, it’s just the vulgarity part that has me confused

          2. koel at |

            I don’t remember mentioning the word “Vulgar” or “indecent” …

            Neither did I see it on @Mia’s post… All I was saying was Perizad is completely covered and still looks sexy (to me !).

        2. koel at | | Reply

          2 corrections

          1. I don’t know why I wrote the word “bit” in the middle of a sentence…

          2. As @Kaya said, I also don’t have any problem with Bikini or bikini tops but my pet peeve was the way Ameesha was going for a disheveled look by pulling her pallu down so provocatively. Again, I don’t have any thing against being provocative or different (specially for the people in the Glam business) but I found Ameesha’s draping a little distasteful for the occasion. I am not suggesting that she should start wearing a Burqa from now on but that may not be a bad idea for Vidya Balan … (Just Kidding Just kidding !! Now please don’t give me big lecture on the woman’s lib here guys !!)

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      3. Swapna at | | Reply

        I was born in India and lived there for 24 years of my life. What i have seen …..everyone drapes the sari covering their chest… no boob showing. This is what has been done traditionally. Sari draping in Bollywood is a different matter. They are obviously trying to stylize the whole thing… so some drape it in the middle of the blouse ….so many who are used to seeing women in India (sari draped covering the chest) are mildly shocked because it is so natural for the wandering eye to see the undraped part.You may say…that means people are pervert to actually look at the undraped part…but if something catches the eye first; it is natural that people would look at it. So many feel that it is not so pleasing because sari is a traditional outfit.
        For me , it doesnt look asthetic…. Doesnt necessarily mean that people should agree with me.
        Hmm…and i dont know whether scarf over a Tee is comparable to the boob showing sari.
        It is just that we are so used to seeing the sari draped differently than what some Bollywood stars are used to wearing.

        1. belle_desse at | | Reply

          But isnt fashion all about redifining the norms? Is the fact that it is different so bad?

          Also, I am partial to the traditional drape myself I just dont get how draping your sari in the middle of the blouse is vulgar when the blouse covers you up anyway?

          1. charan at |

            Well belle_desse – I am sure you got lot of answers to your curious question but i have to share my two cents… for free.

            If you consider Salwar kameez, the concept of “dhupatta” is to cover up the chest. Even though we already have kameez that covers up the chest, we dont like a clothing that figure hugging and attracts attention to boobs (thats just how its been in India for a long time) Hence we cover up with dhupatta (or used to)
            Its the same concept with Saree… I personally feel blouse, just by itself, is not a very flattering piece of clothing. I would like to cover it up with the saree pallu. Only because then i am attracting attention to that one particular boob, and all the money i spend on saree goes down the drain :)
            You question kind of makes me wonder… why wear a blouse when bra is already covering the body?

          2. Swapna at |

            yes i agree that fashion is about redefining norms ….Got ur point :-)
            U feel that draping the sari in the middle of the blouse is not vulgar… Whereas i might feel it is vulgar… Fashion for the sake of being provocative/ raunchy is not Fashion in my eyes…. But i do appreciate your Point of View. Probably i am a very traditional when it comes to sari drapes ;-)

          3. ranju at |

            @ Belle_desse: please take a good look at these pics (http://www.highheelconfidential.com/amisha-patel-at-shilpa-shetty-wedding-reception/) and honestly tell if that draping looks good ?
            and before you come at me with the scarf over the t-shirt comparison, let me try to explain why so many people are ticked off by that kind of draping.

            It’s not just the pallu in the midde of the chest kind of draping that we are seeing here (as in Lara’s case), but the pallu hanging so loosely over the shoulders with the waist, stomach showing.

            If you want to wear something revealing, then wear a dress that is meant to be revealing-in-the-first-place. why wear a saree in such a disastrous way?
            I have so many american friends who say that they find the saree so feminine because of the way it is draped.

            One can wear the most revealing of revealing dress and yet not look vulgar. Yet, one can also wrap themselves in yards and yards of clothing and yet look messed up.

            As for your scarf over the t-shirt question, I hope the following comparison answers your question:

            the bra covers the chest : wearing a t-shirt over a bra :: the blouse covers the chest : wearing a pallu over a blouse

    3. KK at | | Reply

      HAHA..I know right!
      Love the sari and Perizaad looks gorgeous!

  2. Rashmi at | | Reply

    Wow this is the best draped saaree I’ve ever seen! How did she do it? It seems heavy but maybe the saree is light.

    Can you please tell us where the earrings are from? i like them a lot!

    Thank you

    1. RJoshi at | | Reply

      I dont think she has drapped it the best.. see, she has pulled the pallu upto her neck ! otherwise she looks fab

  3. ss at | | Reply

    who’s the saree by? – the designer i mean..

  4. Tina at | | Reply

    NOw that’s the way to wear a sari, not the halfboob-out way…love this!

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    Wow!!! Such a fresh look. Perfecto!!!

  7. MojitoLover at | | Reply

    Is it just me or am I seeing more saris nowadays? Me likey!
    Perizaad looks beautiful. Gorgeous colour.

  8. sdn at | | Reply

    lovely sari, lovely drape!

  9. lurverlurver at | | Reply

    aw man..this looks elegant..she looks well out together..the sari is gorgeous!!!

  10. annie at | | Reply

    She reminds me of Rakshanda Khan here. Love the sari.

  11. ReshmaSanjeev at | | Reply

    Beautiful…love everything about her and love love her earring.

  12. Swapna at | | Reply

    she looks divine !

  13. pdaervo at | | Reply

    LOVELY saree :) I love traditional traditional clothes.

  14. Genie at | | Reply

    Man! these celebrities……how on earth do they manage to do it?

    This woman recently delivered a baby and still she manages to look like a million bucks!!

    I wish I wish…..:@(

  15. AA at | | Reply

    Pretty saree worn by a pretty lady!

  16. a at | | Reply

    Very classy! This is how a sari should be worn. I hope the others take note.

    1. kaya at | | Reply

      Pray! maybe they’ll have some mercy on her eyes and feed our hungry fashion appetite.

      1. kaya at | | Reply

        *Our eyes… not her eyes oops

  17. V at | | Reply

    Stunning! Everything is gorgeous about this look – the saree, the blouse, the earings. Who is the saree by??

  18. Shrinidhi, USA at | | Reply

    Wow!!! she looks awesome…and didn’t she just have a second baby a month or so ago?

  19. Zainab NS at | | Reply

    Love the colour, the embellishments, the works! Seeing something bright and not over the top or unwearable, after a loooong time.

  20. mary at | | Reply

    I am actually having issues with such a heavy looking sari being draped like that. She should have just let it fall over her arm. Heart the ear rings though.

    1. kaya at | | Reply

      Maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s too heavy..or too much … I dunno.

  21. nicole at | | Reply

    LOVELY!!!! its her parsi draping experience maybe?

  22. Pooja at | | Reply

    Stunning! Nothing looks better than a well draped saree. Very elegant and vibrant. Pretty jhumkas too.

  23. Mayuri at | | Reply

    Perfect! This is THE way you should look in a saree! She’s lost her baby weight super fast! Yummy mummy!

  24. monika at | | Reply

    Gorgeous saree & the understated blouse looks so nice. Love the earrings too.

  25. Neha at | | Reply

    She looks great.. saree’s soooo properly draped… and the earrings are to die for…

  26. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Gorgeous saree, draped properly, appropriate blouse, lovely glowing face and lustrous hair, fab earrings… perfect. Good to see her back. am tired of the same old folks being featured

    1. belle_desse at | | Reply

      I still dont get why a sari is considered obscene because it shows a bit of a woman’s chest that is already covered by her blouse anyway …again no offense, just genuine curiosity

      HOW does that work?

      1. Saya at | | Reply

        @Belle_desse: How much ever you try..they’ll keep answering about how its the traditional way! What they forget is..*traditionally*( looking back) there was no concept of blouse with sari(someone mentioned this in another post). It’s pretty interesting to note that the other post of Lara ..where she had the one boobie show, peeps never had issues.;)

        1. koel at | | Reply

          @Saya , If you look back a little further, there was no concept of any clothes either… Then came the banana leaves …. Just saying …..

          Also, you just proved another point that “They” had, it is not about one boob show , it how you do it …. Lara is showing a boob and still looks pretty decent ….

          1. Saya at |

            @koel: We don’t have to go back that far in history. In rural places in Kerala, women STILL wear mundu over their waist and just a blouse, no draping over the chest. That’s still considered the tradition there! If it’s rather subjective and mostly depends on how the celebrity can pull off the look irrespective of the boob show, why crib over sari being not draped the *traditional* way is my question. This was not for you but for others who keep using the tradition card which puts me off..

        2. SK at | | Reply

          true … thats because there is a difference… in the body language … the attitude … the style … how u stand … potray your outfit …
          lara looked elegant – didnt look put on or yuck! …
          ash @ the filmfare awards in the sabyasachi – stylish, elegant…etc etc.
          amisha on the other hand – just looked like a plain drunken bar girl … thats wat i hate … and thats wat probably a lot of the other guys are referring to. some distasteful quality which comes accross…when skin is shown fr the sake of showing … not for any asthetic appeal.

          1. koel at |


            “Tradition” for me is – What I have seen my mom and my grand mom do and not what women in some rural area of Kerala do. Actually, I did not have any idea about the Mundu that you mentioned and I just looked it up in wikipedia. It looks very beautiful to me.

            Looking at the posts where people have talked about tradition and stuff – I don’t think they are playing any “Card” ( trying to impose their point of view on others) here .They are just trying to give their perspective on a celebrity style on what they consider good or not. I don’ t see any thing wrong with that.I don’t think any body is complaining against finding an innovative style to drape a saree either.

      2. anita at | | Reply

        Belle_Desse – are you Indian or have indian roots? Does your Mom wear indian clothes at all ? or any friends and family? I am not trying to be snarky either, just very curious about the seemingly very basic questions you ask:-)

        1. Swapna at | | Reply

          Exactly my thoughts!

      3. akaa at | | Reply

        @belle_desse .. i believe this conversation comes up every time a celeb ina sari is posted…

        Basically, its not about how the sari is draped ,, but what vibes are coming off,looking at the pic.

        Consider Amisha’s sari at Shilpa’s reception – When you look at her picture, it gives off the feeling that she just wants to show off her body .. boobs, abs and all… that’s vulgar.. if she had just draped that pallu the gujarati way i dont think most of the people would not have problem with that…
        She was wearing a bikini-blouse to begin with and on top of that her draping looked like she had deliberately pulled that pallu down – wayy down ..
        On the other hand Consider Ash’s sari at filmfare or Lara’s recent pic .. I’m sure people do not have issues with that even though the ‘one boob thing’ is there too .. that’s simple because those drapings do not scream .. “look at my body”…… Ash looks quite elegant rather …. But if she had also pulled that pallu down to her abs to show how hot her figure is .. that would have been obscene…

        I still do not think that people find it obscene because its not worn the traditional way .. there are over a 100 ways to drape a sari .. but what matters is how *TASTEFULLY* it is done…

        1. Saya at | | Reply

          @Koel: Exactly.Tradition is subjective, based on what your family is been accustomed to. It is not applicable to the whole of India and crying out that’s how draping is done in India traditionally shows ignorance. I’m entitled my opinion too, and i was giving out my perspective by just replying to belle_desse.There’s no need to get riled up on this.

          1. Sugar at |

            @Saya: You know what. I agree with u. I hear that all the time from desis in the US particularly..like that’s not the traditional way. Excuse me, but we have 28 different states with varied regional traditions. I strongly feel that the avg age of ppl in this site like 30. Am guessing u are early 20’s or prolly younger. There seems to be a gen gap. Haha.;)

  27. Ratan at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous!!

  28. such at | | Reply

    Gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sari!
    What fab colors and its worn with effortless ease.
    Please id the designer, I am lusting after this.

  29. raina at | | Reply

    Gorgeous sari… and she carries it off well..

  30. nisha at | | Reply

    she looks so much like rakshanda khan here..

  31. Purva at | | Reply

    Wow!! She looks like Shabana Azmi here!! Classic n reagal!!

  32. neha at | | Reply

    i love love love the sare …. its festive and bright without being the tv bling kind …. love the fact it is so bright, and colourful without the usual dose of chamak-dhamak ….

    could you please tell me the name of the designer for the saree ?

    and of course, bonus points for proper draping

  33. Shailaja Desai at | | Reply

    The Saree is by Laila Motwane and the Earrings by Honey Lulla

  34. emer at | | Reply

    Hats off to her for looking so stunning- do you know she just had a baby less than a month ago! Love her look and that gorgeous smile.

  35. dn at | | Reply

    So nice to see Perizaad here. She looks lovely. This is a perfect look from her.

  36. kaya at | | Reply

    I don’t know why but somehow this is not working for me…

    Maybe it’s the Sari itself.

    Otherwise most elements are on key. Hmmm…

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    Fab fab sari! – love it. She looks festive and elegant which as we know seems to be hard for a lot of B town ladis to pull off. I like, no love it.

    1. port at | | Reply

      I mean ladies :)

  40. Swapna at | | Reply

    As usual , a post on a Sari Drape …gets people riled up!!!! lol…..

  41. pinky at | | Reply

    She looks lovely…

  42. gitanjali gill at | | Reply

    What a beautiful saree…would make even a plane jane
    look lovely.!

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